Today’s thoughts on Real Beauty by a real MyChelle fan beautifully describe the effect our loved ones have on us – even long after they have gone:

“My mom is the definition of True Beauty… She taught us what beauty is. It starts from the heart, loving, caring and unconditional love to everyone. She showed respect and taught us to always respect others. A single mother of 3, who was strong and never gave up. She was very independent and always, always put our needs first. She never failed us and losing her 12 years ago to cancer was the greatest loss we experienced. She looked very young for her age, she had an angelic glow. I always remember how she took care of herself. She ate right, exercised, as she loved to go dancing every week. She had her morning and evening ritual. She would take care of her skin with all of the best face products, and as a result she was the most radiant woman and heads would turn everywhere she went… The greatest blessing I have is that looking in the mirror everyday, I see my mom, for she continues to live in me. Because of my mom, I am the woman I am today. I get through life because of the strength she has shown me. I will continue to live my life as my mom did. Showing gentleness and loving, caring unconditionally.” ~ Julie Nunez

By Liana Orenstein