Our MyChelle Real Beauty of the week is Bria Crawford, whose own personal thoughts on beauty are simply too beautiful not to share.


“Beauty. To be beautiful is to be you and to be you is to be unique. To not be afraid to let your natural roots show. To stand tall and not change who you are for anyone. To look in the mirror everyday and smile because you are a creation. Created by an artist who couldn’t make any two people alike. An artist with a gentle brush that painted in every detail, every freckle, every mark, every wrinkle, and placed each hair on your body where it needed to be. You glow when the sun shines on you and sprout when the rain drops on your face. You bloom like a flower growing through the seasons we call life. Beautiful, from head to toe, from elbow to knee cap, from eye lash to an unwanted hair. We are all just truly beautiful.” ~ Bria Crawford

By Liana Orenstein