I have a really exciting challenge for you! It is almost Valentine’s Day and I would “love” it if you could have the perfect gift!

Recently, I shared with you what one of my favorite “Perfect Partners” are. I used the term “favorite” loosely because there are endless combinations of products that I like to use as “partners.”

I also mentioned that there was “more to come” with our “Perfect Partners” and here it is!

We have four partners that we believe are truly a match made in heaven! One is great, but two is so much better (and more fun!).

Okay, here is the challenge….we want you to creatively “hint” to your {Perfect} Partner which of the four (or more!) Perfect Partners you want for Valentine’s Day!

We will provide you with what you need: a cute printable card. You print it out and get your perfect partner to see our perfect partners!

Here is the catch: you can’t just show the Hint Sheet to them! You need to check the box for your favorite partners and it has to be placed in a clever and original location for them to “conveniently” see! Make it something really creative – such as the back of the toilet seat! 

Once you have the card strategically placed, take a picture of it! Show us where you plan for your loved one to stumble upon your “hint”! Upload this picture to our Facebook page and share it with us!

We will be choosing our favorite creative placements and 5 people will get a free product! The more creative your card placement is, the more likely you are to get a Fruit Enzyme Scrub, valued at $17!

This is going to be so much fun to review….we cannot wait!

I won’t be the only one picking the winner! We want everyone to help! We want our Facebook fans to help us! We will let “likes” and comments assist with selecting the top pics and then we will pick the final 5 winners, based on those top picks. We will announce the winner through Facebook and showcase the pictures right here, at Hello, Beautiful! Your picture needs to be submitted no later than February 14th. We will start reviewing and making decisions on February 15th and announce our winners as soon as the votes are tallied!

Feel free to invite your friends to participate in the challenge! We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get their “perfect” gift from their Valentine!

The challenge is clear; but which Perfect Partner should you choose? Here are our four Perfect Partners for you to select from. This is also our printable for you to use. Just click on the picture, it will open the Hint Sheet as a PDF, and then press “Print”!

So you choose your Perfect Partners, check the box, place the Hint Sheet creatively, take a pic, upload the picture to Facebook and then vote (and ask others to vote!).

One last bit of exciting news: our Perfect Partners collection is on sale during this challenge! You can see the discounted price right there on your printable (that way your Honey can know what a good deal this is!). This price only lasts until Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready to accept this challenge? Hurry and take that picture because we can’t wait to see it!!