Welcome to my humble abode. My powder room…okay, welcome to my bathroom!…As a faithful MyChelle customer, I have used many of the products over the years (6 years and counting).

I must say, it isn’t easy to choose my “favorites” because I like so many. However, some stand out above the rest, and others are my “seasonal” favorites.

Over the next several weeks I will show you my personal collection and include a review of the products. I want you to see why I like the products – a fresh perspective!

Here are a few things about my skin:

I struggle with hyper-pigmentation. More so in the summer months when I am outside a lot.

I tend to get very dry skin. I don’t get flaky skin, but that tight stretchy feeling – when you feel like the moisture has been sucked out of your skin.

I don’t have “large” pores, but do get clusters of black heads on my nose.

And now, a pairing (“Perfect Partners”) that I have used consistently for several years:

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser + Fruit Enzyme Scrub

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

I use this first. It is a great all around, all purpose cleanser. It will remove makeup (mind you, I don’t wear a lot, if you wear a lot of eye makeup I can’t promise you will have the same results). It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and totally fresh. I can truly tell my face is CLEAN.  I notice that when I do wash my face on a regular basis, this cleanser helps to balance out my complexion and minimizes blemishes. Yeah Fruit Enzyme Cleanser! Con? Though it isn’t really a negative, I do find that in the deep, “dark” winter months, my skin needs more moisture, so I switch to a cream cleanser (Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser).

Fruit Enzyme Scrub

This product follows second. I do not personally use this everyday. I use it every other day which is about 3 times per week. This stuff is so amazing! It makes my sometimes “dull” skin appear to have some life back in to it! It allows fresh skin to emerge. I use it in the shower so my pores are nice and open from the steam. I put the scrub on and let it sit for a bit. I leave it on while I condition my hair or shave my legs. When I rinse it off…oh my goodness….my face feels amazing.

Why do I love them so much?

Using these two products on a regular basis has made my skin more youthful and radiant. I know that may sound cliche, but I truly believe that these products set the foundation for rock solid skin care. Combining these with my serums, toner and creams have made such a huge difference in how I look…

….but what is more important than that? The way I feel. I feel better – more confident.

If direct sunlight shines onto my face (or heaven forbid – fluorescent lights!), I don’t feel like I need to put more makeup on or hide my face (you can’t hide much of anything from the sunlight!).

I was rather insecure about my blackheads and uneven skin tones, but these two have really done a lot to help my skin break free of imperfections…thus helping me break free of some skin insecurities…

….I must say I can’t put a price on that.

These two are part of the Perfect Partners Collection. Stay tuned for more information about this collection later this week!

Now it is your turn, what are your “perfect partners”?