MyChelle The Perfect C Serum (All Skin Types) New Look! Same Effective Formula 17% Potent Vitamin C with Ultimate Antioxidant Complex for Collagen-Rich Skin All & Combination | Step 3 The Leader in Educated Skin Care with the Ultimate in Bioactives Perfect C Serum Advanced formula to protect skin’s health while combating the signs of aging. A potent 17% dose of clinical Vitamin C!

METSV says:  Oh yes, this is some pretty strong stuff.  I can only use this at night because my skin is just a little sensitive to the potency of the vitamin c.  Truth be told, the highest I’ve used in the past is 10% , so I have to go slow.   I find the serum easily blends in after I wash my skin – it’s not greasy or oily either.  I’m really likeing what it does for my skin overnight.   I feel like I get a great cell turnover and that my skin looks really healthy in the morning – less blotchy and tired.  It looks brighter. I love that my pores seem to disappear too.   What’s also really good about this serum is that it not only has the 17% Vitamin C, but that it has retinal and glycolic acid for really good exfoliation an skin turnover.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a quality product – look no further than MyChelle – quality, cruelty-free, no parabens in the products, and a reputation and name you can trust. This competes with the big names out there that are twice the cost.

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