We’ve lately been seeing so many articles in beauty magazines highlighting the benefits of fall and winter fruits. Cranberries, in particular, are packed with vitamin C – which, according to Vegetarian Times Magazine, “helps skin look radiant and refreshed.” In the current issue’s “eco-beauty” section, the magazine goes on to say: “Cranberry also packs plenty of natural acids to fight oil buildup and deep-clean skin”.

One way to take advantage of cranberry’s beauty benefits is to regularly use our own White Cranberry Cleanser. Vegetarian Times says that “MyChelle Dermaceuticals White Cranberry Cleanser partners cranberry juice with pomegranate and willow bark to help blemish-prone skin.”

The deep pore clearing, oil balancing and skin refining exfoliating cleanser is fantastic for oily skin and anyone looking to get rid of pesky blemishes. Pomegranate, a super fruit rich in antioxidants and naturally exfoliating fruit acids, works with the cranberry in the cleanser to protect against environmental aggressors while keeping pores clear and skin calm.

Have you had a chance to try our White Cranberry Cleanser yet? If so, we’d love to hear what you think! Please let us know in the comments below. Also, remember to pick up a copy of Vegetarian Times this month to learn more about the ways in which cranberries can help your skin!

By Liana Orenstein