We”re well into fall, and with it pumpkin season. The beloved gourd is popping up all over the place – on greeting cards, at roadside produce stands, and (of course) in your favorite seasonal desserts. But did you know that pumpkin, with its high vitamin content and nourishing pulp, is also a fantastic addition to skin care products?

According to HS Magazine, The Expert”s Beauty Bible, “pumpkin is one of nature”s most nourishing salves for dry and sensitive skin. The pulp, which contains a high amount of fermented enzymes, makes for a great emollient in moisturizers or as a soothing element in masks, and has the additional plus of smelling absolutely delicious.”

In a recent article entitled “Add Moisture To Your Fall Skincare Routine With Pumpkin,” the online magazine highlights the pumpkin-infused products produced by – yep, you guessed it – MyChelle: “After testing out many of the market”s pumpkin offerings this season, a clear stand-out has been MyChelle Dermaceuticals. If you haven”t オンライン ブラックジャック heard of the line before, the brand ethos is to deliver pure and safe products sourced from plant-based ingredients that blend natural healing with dermaceutical-grade and bioactive formulas.”

MyChelle”s Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser (“massaging this sweet-smelling cleanser into skin feels like a calming aromatherapy experience”), the Pumpkin Renew Cream (“rich yet not overwhelming or greasy”) and the Incredible Pumpkin Peel (“ideal for weekly or bi-weekly use that exfoliates with pumpkin pulp, enzymes and fermented juice”) are all recommended within the article.

Additionally, at the very end, the editor plugs her “current serum obsession”: our very own Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum. “Not only is it a must for keeping my skin moisturized,” she says, “but I find it doubles as a makeup primer that allows foundation and concealer to slip on more smoothly.”

You can find more information on these and other products over at MyChelle.com.

By Liana Orenstein