I remember in the 90s when the economy was flush, Shiseido (skin care and makeup line out of Asia) had a beautiful skin care studio in SoHo (NY, not London). Back when I didn’t know to search out non-toxic brands, I’d stop into the studio after a particularly grueling photo shoot just for the relaxing experience.

The Shiseido studio offered free skin care analysis done via a cool machine that took a photo of the lower layers of my skin, sort of like a skin x-ray. I’d also get a mini facial with Shiseido products which the esthetician did to show what their brand could deliver. All of this was gratis and the studio didn’t sell product, so there was no immediate pressure to purchase anything.

I recently read that MyChelle is offering something similar (sans the facial) exclusively in Whole Foods. Their skin analysis system, something Mychelle is calling the VISIA Complexion Analysis, is said to give consumers information on skin irregularities, pores, texture, wrinkles, UV damage, age spots, vascular areas and p-bacteria – traditionally something you’d need to see a dermatologist for.

The machine is operated by a trained MyChelle rep and uses a standard white light with a cross-polarized flash and UV photography. After giving a customer her skin care rating, the MyChelle rep invites the customer to return in two or four months to see how her skin has improved (presumably after using MyChelle products). I don’t think there’s a charge for any of this as the company wants to use it to promote their brand’s effectiveness.

I’ve never used MyChelle products and only read a few of their ingredients list (they are not completely natural, but claim to be non-toxic). But I am intrigued by this new analysis system, despite the fact that I’d be doing this in a grocery store instead of a skin care studio. The service is being offered in just 18 Whole Foods scattered across the country. I hope one of the stores is in my area so I can check it out.

Have you ever used MyChelle products? Would you get a skin care analysis in a Whole Foods?

Original content found at Healthy Beauty Project