Did you remember to watch Sarah Eggenberger, MyChelle’s VP of Product Development and Innovation, on the Better TV show earlier this month? Her segment was all about beauty tips and tricks for busy moms on the go. If you happen to be one of those women and were too busy to watch the show, don’t worry – We’ve got the products, treatments and gadgets Sarah recommended listed for you right here:

Sarah’s Beauty Tips for Moms On-The-Go

Some days, just brushing your teeth may seem like a major beauty accomplishment. But taking care of yourself will make you feel better and that effect will definitely trickle down to your little one.

I have listed 5 ways to streamline your beauty routine and how to look amazing in 5 minutes or less – including a diaper change and cleaning spilled milk!

1. Multi-tasking products:

A.EO All Purpose Cleanser

This is truly a well-versed multi-tasking product! You can use EO All Purpose Soaps as a shower gel, and it’s also pH balanced so you can use it as a facial cleanser. AND you can use it to clean anything and everything else! This product will clean everything from humans to pets to floors to walls to mirrors to bathrooms to kitchens… It will even ward away garden insects! Just mix it with water in a spray bottle to use it as a household cleaner.

B. MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream

Here you’ve got a serum, anti-aging product and moisturizer all pulled together to create one super-effective product. We know how important serums are to our skin care regimen, but so often do not have the time for that extra step. So this nutrient-rich moisturizer will also act as your daily serum! It contains a peptide complex that reduces wrinkle volume by 21% and wrinkle depth by 19% in 8 weeks. The long list of consumer comments speaking accolades of this product are impressive – and warranted.

2. At-home treatments:

We would all love to spend more time with our estheticians and doctors, but sometimes our schedules just do not allow it. So, we need to find a way to reenact their treatments at home.

A. Rita Hazan Root Concealer for Highlighted Hair

This has happened to all of us – We know we need to call for our hair appointment, but never seem to get to it in time. And then, before you know it, your roots start to show… The Rita Hazan Root Concealer covers dark root growth with a quick and easy spray. Simply spray 6 inches from the hairline in one continuous motion and see the product dry almost instantly! In a matter of seconds, dark roots become non-existent. The color stays in place and it won’t stain your skin, clothing or linens. Bonus: It is safe for pregnant women as it is made from natural pigments (Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxides, and Mica.)

B. Bliss Pore-Fector Gadget

Unfortunately, breakouts are not only reserved for your teenage years. It has become more common for women in their 30’s and 40’s to experience breakouts. Do not grab your son’s products; instead, use the Bliss Pore-Fector Gadget to be aggressive with the breakout while also adding the hydration that we need in our skin. This tool has two fabulous functions, both powered by sonic vibrations. First, it teams up with the Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner to fight grime, using higher-level vibrations to massage treatments and moisturizer into the skin’s surface – Much more effective than using your fingers!

3. Time-saving tools:

A. Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder

This removes excess dirt and oil when you don’t have time to shampoo. It also increases the volume at the root for better styling. It’s great because it’s portable and small enough to carry in your purse. It applies like a bronzer with a brush applicator for precise targeting at your roots – Ideal for after a workout!

B. CC Creams

Just when you think you’ve understood the ABC’s of BB Creams, a new skin brightener hits the market – CC Cream. “CC” stands for Color Control. Similar to its predecessor, it will provide coverage, anti-aging benefits and sun protection. But this next generation in multi-taskers goes a step further with nourishing ingredients and more coverage to neutralize redness and/or sun spots. Chanel launched their version in the Asia market earlier this year, and will soon launch in the US. We are anxiously awaiting its arrival!

4. Long-lasting cosmetics:

We expect a lot from our products because who knows when we will get a chance to even go to the bathroom, nonetheless retouch our makeup!

A. Benefit Lip Tint

These lip and cheek tints are a liquid gel that stains the skin so they stay on for a longer period of time. They are smooch-proof and ready for all those sweet drool kisses, and smudge-proof to help when you are wiping away the food that was just thrown at you… ChaChaTint is a mango-like color, and PosieTint is a see-through poppy-pink that brightens cheeks and lips. These are two of my favorite colors because they add a fresh glow without looking unnatural, and they are so easy to use.

5. Healthy conveniences:

Our skin is a reflection of our lifestyle and diet. But sometimes it is hard to eat healthy when time is limited!

A. Nature Box

I love this! Nature Box has created this incredible offering of healthy food that is convenient and yummy! Each month, for $19.95 and free shipping, you receive a box that includes 15-20 servings of 4-6 different healthy and delicious snacks. They have a nutritionist on staff who picks a new selection every month – so you have a credible person testing the food first. You can pause or cancel your shipment at any time, so you are not locked in. And if you are going on vacation, you can skip the month or send it to a friend. They are very easy to work with!

To watch Sarah’s Better TV segment in its entirety, click here.

By Liana Orenstein