Serum layering blog

We’ve all been there—one too many products taking skin from fresh and dewy to a tacky mess. Not to be skipped, facial serums and oils are highly concentrated and penetrate the skin to travel deeper than moisturizers. Most formulas can be layered for multiple benefits, but less is more! To help you get the most from these beauty essentials, we asked Catie, the MyChelle Dermaceuticals Product Development Brand Manager, to assemble a definitive guide for using and layering facial serums.

Start Fresh. Cleanse the face morning and night before applying any serum. Washing away dirt and residual makeup is the first step toward a healthy, balanced skin care regimen. Catie recommends cleansing 60-90 seconds to purge all the impurities.

Be Strategic. Serums should be applied in order of weight and consistency, with the thinnest first. If the thickness is similar, Catie suggests opting for the most concentrated formula that addresses your top skin concern. Start with a small amount and using the fingertips, gently press into the skin.

Rule of Three. Layer up to three serums, waiting 60 seconds in between for absorption and allowing enough time for each formula to seep into the skin. Catie says, “This will ensure a balanced complexion versus a heavy, congested mess.”

Lock It In. Seal in the benefits of your treatments with a face and eye hydrator tailored for your skin type. In the morning, sun protection should be the last step in your skincare routine, since it sits on top of the skin—preventing other ingredients from penetrating. “Shielding skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays is essential to healthy skin,” reminds Catie.

Catie’s Summer Serum Cocktails

Summer cocktails that satisfy a certain craving are serious business. The same can be said for skincare. Try one of the following serum cocktails—expertly crafted by skin type—for supercharged results.

Healthy Balancers: In the morning, use the Perfect C Serum to fight free radical damage and protect skin’s health. Later in the evening, apply a dose of the Remarkable Retinal Serum to increase cell turnover, minimize wrinkles, and soften skin’s texture.

Anti-Aging All Stars: For instant gratification and long-term anti-aging results, try pairing the G2 Instant Firming Serum and Peptide+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum. Begin with one pump of G2 Instant Firming Serum and within 1-hour skin-smoothing peptides will instantly lift and firm skin, while antioxidants refine the texture and fight free radical damage. Follow with the Peptide+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum to boost collagen formation and reduce visible signs of aging.

Sensitive Soother Duo: If redness and irritation are troublesome, the Pure Harmony Serum and Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum is an ideal one-two punch for skin. First, apply Pure Harmony Serum to reduce the appearance of puffiness while calming and brightening skin. Finish with Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum to restore moisture using hydrating agents naturally found in healthy skin.

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