Braving the cold and inclement weather can brrring out the worst in your skin.  More damage is done in the winter months than any other because we are less likely to consciously shield our skin. Spring is still months away but now is an excellent time to train by practicing to protect your biggest and most important asset with 5 simple steps.

1. Use a gentle, hydrating facial cleanser to lift and clear away the grime without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Fruit Enzyme Cleanser is a gentle, but deep cleanser that eliminates residue without drying the skin. BONUS TIP: Clean skin is also less susceptible to inflammation—which peaks in winter as well as summer.

2. Facial peels and exfoliators are essential for removing dull, dry, flaky skin.  The non-irritating Fruit Enzyme Scrub is the perfect antidote. The gentle scrub can boost natural cell turnover to reveal a healthy, radiant and glowing complexion.

3. Whether to help firm skin, boost radiance or plump wrinkles, serums are the most concentrated form of skincare product and are an essential intensive treatment no matter what the weather is like. Layer serums under your moisture cream in order to boost hydration. Serious Hyaluronic Firming Serum is the perfect intensive humectant for all skin types to increase the skin’s moisture content. 

For extra protection and ultra-conditioning, layer lightweight Advanced Argan Oil over serum(s). Use on body and hair for an extra dose of moisture. 

4. Supporting the skin’s ability to hold on to water is essential for weathering the ‘weather’. For the best benefits, look for nutrient-rich creams such as this Deep Repair Cream packed with natural oils that provide skin with much needed hydration and nourishment.

5. UV rays are responsible for more than 60% of premature skin aging. Hydrate and protect your skin from the adverse effects of the environment with a moisturizer that prevents and repairs damage. Daily Defense Cream SPF 17 is a lightweight sunscreen with powerful antioxidants to protect and help reverse premature aging. 

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