We love that Women’s Bean Project, one of our favorite non-profit organizations, shares success stories on their official blog. It’s always great to see the names and faces associated with the incredible work that the organization is doing to support women in transition.

One of these stories is Katie’s—a 2015-16 Women’s Bean Project Program Graduate. SHE is WBP:

“Hello, my name is Katie. My journey to Women’s Bean Project started at the moment of my conception. As I know it, my mother attended a New Year’s Eve party when she was 16. In her words, she was raped and months later learned she was pregnant. I was conceived by an act of violation and born into a family of untreated mental illness.

As I look back on my life it is easy to see how depressed my mother was as well as her mother before her. I have very few memories of my mother that aren’t accompanied by the reek of alcohol, where as my grandmother took to hoarding in an attempt to fill the void in her life. When the school system implored my family to take my depression seriously, I felt they blamed me for being a burden.

I struggled through a life of self loathing and poor support.”

Click here to read the rest of Katie’s heartwarming story – and here to learn more about the Women’s Bean Project. Also, be sure to keep checking MyChelle.com (as well as our official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages) as we will be announcing a special promotion in collaboration with the Women’s Bean Project to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day on Wednesday, March 8th.