The business of growing older, gracefully, is no small feat—especially with the zillions of mixed messages, product choices, and expert advice available 24/7. If you find yourself in a maintenance slump (we all do!), resist the urge to dump your lotions and potions OR ask Siri for directions to the nearest plastic surgeon. For a more positive, natural approach to anti-aging, MyChelle suggests the following:

Things that Go Slump in the Night

Reading in bed can cause neck wrinkles, depending on the position of your body. The deep lines that run horizontally across the front of your neck are caused from continual skin creasing while looking down. Reduce the opportunities for wrinkles to form by propping yourself up as straight as possible.

Greens, Reds, and Veg, Oh My!

To maintain healthy skin on a cellular level, pack your diet with dark fruits and veggies, and green tea. These proven cell protectors can delay wrinkle formation and texture problems. Choose fruits and vegetables with high water content (cucumbers, berries, lettuce, etc.) to keep you hydrated inside and out. And tomatoes, with their high levels of anti-oxidant rich Lycopene, can also help reduce wrinkles! Remember, the deeper the color, the more super the food.

Don’t Break the Product Cycle

How many years did your mother use the same basic cold cream and to do this day still has the prettiest skin in town? Decades, likely! Older generations understood the importance of a steady diet and commitment to a skincare product. To realize actual change to your skin, use a product for a full skin cycle, which depending on age, can range from 2-6 weeks. For optimal results, try committing to a regular skincare routine for at least 3-4 months.

Pack in More Protein

If your hair is looking lack-luster, examine your diet. Healthy hair lies flat, allowing light to bounce off the cuticle giving it a beautiful shine. If they’re not getting the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutries, cuticles will gnarl and lift, deflecting light. Stock up on protein-rich foods (fish, lean meats, nuts and seeds, etc.), to help the cuticle grow and lie properly.

TLC for the Top 3

The eyes, hands, and neck are the first areas to show signs of aging due to greater environmental exposure, thinner skin, and fewer oil glands to replenish moisture and hydration. So don’t skip (or skimp on!) these affected areas, including the entire décolleté, when applying moisturizers and anti-aging treatments.

DePuff Naturally

Need another reason to smile? The muscle movements naturally help to move around the extra fluid out of your eyes and reduce puffiness. Combine this trick with a good night’s rest, cold compresses, and a diet lower in sugar and salt for bright eyes!

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