As we cruise into August, the thermometer reading has quickly climbed past warm and toasty and is hanging out right around miserable and unbearable. And although we can all agree it’s hot, the heat’s intensity may vary and feel different in a dry versus humid climate.

Because each region delivers its own unique beauty burdens, our expert estheticians have forecasted two skincare routines to keep you from throwing in the towel on fresh, healthy skin.

Dry As a Bone

Arid climates deplete moisture from your skin making it feel (and look!) like the Sahara desert —scaly, tight, and cracked. Even worse, dehydrated skin puts fine lines on display and can accelerate the aging process.

The solution? Slow water loss and replenish moisture with the dry-climate skincare prescription below.

Dry Climate


Rejuvenate: Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum

Restore: Hydrating Cactus Mask

Retexture: Tropical Skin Smoother

Hydrate: Deep Repair Cream

Bonus Tip: Drink plenty of extra water throughout the day!



Swampy and Sticky

Feeling sweaty? That’s because humid climates don’t allow moisture to quickly evaporate into the air. Instead, the heavy moisture sits on the skin co-mingling, with your body’s natural oils and bacteria, turning into a virtual oil slick.

Take action! Soak up the breakout-inducing grime with the humid-climate skincare prescription below.

Humid Climate

Detoxify: Incredible Pumpkin Peel  

Purify: Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

Balance: Oil Free Grapefruit Cream

Fortify: Clear Skin Serum