Hello, Beautiful:

Welcome to MyChelle’s new lifestyle blog. This is a place to engage with like minded people. Come here to be educated, inspired, rejuvenated, motivated…and challenged! 

What do you think of when you hear the brand, “MyChelle Dermaceuticals?”

Wait, hold on….

Let me tell you a bit about the brand first:

Free to feel sexy. Powerful. Sassy. Intelligent. Smart. Feminine. Fun.

Do these words sound like they are describing a brand or you?

I agree. To me, they sound like a really confident, empowered woman…

and MyChelle: You are the brand. I am the brand. A natural, healthy, real person. That is MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

I am very happy to meet you.

I am Nikki. I am a thirty-something, very busy, work-at-home mom to two wild little girls. I am the brand ambassador for MyChelle. I will serve as a conduit for the MyChelle family and you, through this new adventure, “Hello, Beautiful.”

I cook wholesome food from scratch (most of the time) but love to order a yummy gourmet pizza on occasion (I use that word loosely). I am not good at gardening, yet I try it every year – and swear, every year, I won’t do it again next year.

I frequent farmer’s markets (notice I said I am not good at gardening), health food stores and the park down the street from my house.

I never pass up an opportunity for a girl’s night out.

I also savor my family night’s in. Nothing beats a fun movie with my perfect-for-me husband and kiddos. (And of course, popcorn and a green smoothie).

My specialty is social media. I love it. I can’t get enough of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and blogging. Why am I a key ambassador for the MyChelle blog? Because this brand is me. I have personally used the MyChelle line for 6 years (and have no plans on changing…ever). I have strayed a few times, only to find it was a mistake and a total waste of money.

The brand has taken what I look for (natural ingredients) and what I need (visible results) and combined them into a product line that will truly rock your world. Literally, the products have proven to be nothing short of amazing for me and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

This is a lifestyle.

Just as you enjoy grabbing a latte (or a really great glass of red wine) with a girlfriend to talk about everything and anything – I want you to enjoy this blog. This is so much more than a push to buy products.

As I continue to explore this brand, healthy living, and enjoy my everyday life, I want to make sure you come along with me.

Here is what you can expect from Hello, Beautiful:

  • Let’s challenge each other to take care of ourselves – from the inside-out. Monthly challenge goals will get you feeling better about yourself because you are you – and that is amazing.
  • Let’s get educated. I am not an esthetician. (Remember, I am a social media junkie and a really busy mom. I only have so many hats, right? Let’s let the estheticians wear their own hats -which they do really well). I have a good idea about what works for me and my skin, but I know I can do better. We will have our esthetician’s give tips, and explain how the products work – in a more technical way. (I will be providing a real life application for you to see – your mediator between technical and totally doable).
  • Let’s get inspired. What motivates you? Join our Facebook community – talking about your favorite things to do, activities, hobbies, struggles, you name it! You are going through “life” – and we get it. We have all been there. Let’s help each other!
  • Let’s get rejuvenated. Are you in a rut? Do you feel frumpy or just not-your-best? We all go through that! Whether it is showing on the surface of your skin or deep down in your soul – let’s work together to find out what it will take to get out of that slump!
  • Let’s get motivated. This is key. If you don’t read this blog and feel motivated in any way, shape, or form, I have failed. I don’t ever want you to leave this blog feeling flat.  I want you to want to go for that hike with your dog that so badly needs exercise (ahem). I want you run to the bathroom to wash your face because you didn’t wash it this morning and you realized you wanted to take a few moments to do your regimen (because we know, you don’t always have time to do an entire system)! I want you to know you are not being judged or held accountable to a standard that is set by the media, or your coworker who always looks so “put together”. 

You are you…nobody else. You are free to be who you are. You are unique. You are beautiful.

Hello, Beautiful.

Are you with me?

Don’t miss out on this community. Each time we post, we can shoot you an email so you don’t miss one. As I mentioned above, there will be professional tips, lifestyle articles, fun challenges, and of course, giveaways, freebies, and awesome promotions. Did I mention freebies?

Yes, you will feel spoiled…

And you deserve it!

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Nice to meet you!

So tell me (in the comments below), what are you most excited about with this new blog? Be honest!

  • Jennifer

    I ‘discovered’ MyChelle when I moved to Colorado in June 2006 at Vitamin Cottage and have been a user and believer ever since.  Each Christmas I buy the sampler pack in order to get my friends/family hooked on it!  I love the natural scent of the product, I love the mission behind the brand and mostly I love what it has done for my skin!  Also, my husband who has tried product after product – natural, pharmaceutical, OTC – for his rosacea has found MyChelle to be the only product line that offers him relief.

    I moved to France 6 months ago and alas, there are no MyChelle products here.  ;(  I still order from the website and have the products sent to my parents’ home who in turn send them to me.  It’s a long wait most months, but I am never so excited as I am when my things arrive!

    Thanks for being a brand who hasn’t just ‘jumped’ on the bioactive bandwagon for profit. You’ve been a conscientious campaigner for non-toxic skin care for quite a while.  When I talk to others about MyChelle, I  remind them that the skin is the largest organ in the body and is THE barrier to most toxins – so why would someone want to use a product with known toxins in them?  What you put on your skin is JUST AS IMPORTANT as what you put in your mouth.

  • Jen

    When I think of MyChelle I think of Myra and all the amazing things she has done with the natural industry over the past 25 years. Her products and all of her knowledge and special projects have revolutionized skin care. I’ve been using MyChelle for over ten years and I have always had great results with the products.

  • Hdslmiller4

    Sounds fun! Great job. I could use some tips for my flaky skin!

  • Staceyd426

    I’m most excited to learn from others how our diet works synergistically with the facial products we use to be beautiful and radiant. Everything we put into or on our bodies has an effect. My husband and I our looking to start a family soon and that prompted me to stop putting harsh chemicals on my face. I want to be as natural as possible to have a toxic free pregnancy. I have changed almost every product to something that will support that. I have recently discovered Mychelle and love the results so far. My skin is tighter and pores smaller. I’ve lived in Florida all my life and had dark sun spots that are barely even noticeable now. Thanks Mychelle!!

    • Nikki

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us! We love that you are experiencing visible results! 

      I personally could not agree more that everything we put into our bodies has an effect. Educating ourselves (especially by talking to others about it) will make a huge impact on our overall health. I will make sure to post specifically on the diet and skin care relationship! Thank you Stacey!

  • anna

    Being part of a like-minded community is one of the most appealing aspects to this new blog. Learning of new ways to take care of myself, others, and as a result of that perhaps leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Sharing and learning I would say are the two biggest draws for me. I desire to live a healthier lifestyle and am always on the lookout for ways to do just that, and like you Nikki, I am something of a social media junkie. I will look forward to this blog twice a week.
    Thanks for starting this up,

    • Nikki

      Anna, it is wonderfully encouraging to hear what specifically interests you about the site. We are going for community and I hope that others come here for that! Thanks for taking the time to be one of the newest members to this community!

      Thanks, Nikki