vacationAre you planning to go on vacation this summer? If so, you may already be in preparation mode – buying new outfits, ramping up your skin care routine, and getting into shape for all of those holiday photos. But what happens once you’ve gotten to your exotic travel destination?

It’s so easy to let the carefree attitude of a summer vacation trump everything else – including your health. However, it is possible to enjoy your holiday without sacrificing that most important thing. Here are some of our favorite tips for staying healthy while on vacation. They’ll allow you to let your hair down and relax – and still feel great once you’ve returned home.

First of all, give your immune system a boost before you leave. For several days leading up to your trip, make sure to get plenty of sleep (seven or eight hours is considered optimal) and maintain a healthy diet. If you are prone to tummy problems, you may also consider taking probiotics (supplements that keep your GI tract working properly) for those three days as well. To ward off stress and its related illnesses, try to take it easy – and pack a couple of days in advance; it really will help! Use a checklist and (especially if you plan to go overseas) remember to pack any/all medications (prescription or over-the-counter) that you use as well as hand sanitizer and bandages, just in case.

And once you’re on vacation:

Make time to exercise. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym at your hotel (but you certainly can, if you want.) But between leisurely meals and hours lounging on the beach, try to schedule in some more athletic activities. This could be anything from a scenic bike ride to a game of tennis – or even a night out dancing. Also, whenever possible, opt for walking instead of driving or hopping into a cab; not only will this help you stay in shape, but it will also allow you to take your time and get to know your new surroundings better.

By the same token, don’t forget your skin care routine. Our most popular products all come in small sizes perfect for traveling. If your favorite skin care products don’t, pick up some TSA-friendly bottles from your local pharmacy or convenience store and use those to pack your full regimen. You’ll be glad you did.

sunshield-spf 28 copy-thumbProtect yourself from the elementsDon’t forget the insect repellent – and, of course, the sunscreen! We recommend MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28 Coconut or Sun Shield SPF 28 Unscented, a chemical-free protection with ZinClear™ and Titanium Dioxide to shield against UV damage. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use product that leaves the skin soft and smooth without any tacky residues. Click here for tips on how to properly apply sunscreen, and here for additional steps you can take to stave off skin damage.

Watch what you eat and drink. Of course, you are on vacation and should be allowed to indulge – but taking care to eat right as well will have you feeling better, which will make for a better trip! Pace your extravagant meals, and intersperse them with healthier options – like salads made with local ingredients, and platters of fresh local fruit. Also remember to drink plenty of water while on vacation – especially if you are visiting an especially hot or dry climate, or if you are being very active.

… And when you return home, try to ease back into your daily routine. If possible, take an extra day off from work to recover and re-set (especially if you are jet-lagged; this can work wonders!)

Do you have any other tips and tricks for staying healthy while on vacation? If so, we’d love to hear them! Please drop us a line in the “comments” section below!

Have fun this summer – and safe travels!

By Liana Orenstein