We all love big, beautiful handbags–the ones that are large and roomy enough to carry our entire worlds with us throughout the day. The problem is, though, that when we can fit everything into our purse… We do. And then we find that that initial convenience brings its own problems, including back and shoulder pain–and that annoying fact of life that says it”s always so easy to find something in your purse, until you really need it.

Cut back on the many minutes you spend rifling through receipts, tubes of lipgloss, loose change, electronic gadgets and other odds-and-ends with these easy organizational tips–recommended, girlfriend to girlfriend:

1. First and foremost, you”ll want to look at all the toiletries (lotion, hairspray, hand sanitizer, etc.) that you carry with you at all times and see which are available in travel sizes. We ladies know that there are certain things we can”t just apply once in the morning; they need to be used regularly throughout the day to work properly. The Fruit Enzyme Mist and the Apple Brightening Mist (two of our favorite on-the-go products) offer refreshing respite on hot and hectic afternoons. Both mists come in compact 2.1-oz bottles, perfect for throwing in your purse!



2. Make it easier to find what you are looking for (instead of everything you”re not) by grouping like items–snacks and gum, band-aids and first-aid, hair ties and products, etc.–in small bags or pouches. It sounds like such an easy (and easy-to-overlook) trick, but you”ll be amazed at how much this simple step will cut back on your searching time throughout the day. Pouchee makes a wonderful collection of pouches and purse inserts for optimal organization.




3. This next tip comes recommended by our girlfriends over at Real Simple magazine: They remind us that when collecting containers in which to keep our products and accessories, sometimes unconventional vessels become the most useful. For example, did you know that an unused glasses case makes an excellent storage space for nail files, clippers and other manicure essentials? The hard cover protects whatever is inside, while the sleek size ensures that not too much space is used.

4. Be honest with yourself about what you need, and what you don”t. Things like wallets, car keys and cell phones are universal must-haves. But your other daily necessities may be completely unique to you and your routine. You may be the type of person who can”t leave the house without sunglasses, or hand sanitizer, or your iPad–so don”t. Keep in mind that streamlining does not have to mean doing without the things that make your days run more smoothly. But also keep in mind that some of the things you like to carry with you–especially if those things are heavy, like a hardcover book or a full-sized bottle of dry shampoo–may not be necessary. If you find that there are things in your purse that you like but do not need to have on you at all times, オンライン カジノ take them out and store them someplace else–like in your car, or on your desk at work.

5. Another obvious tip that is easy to understand but also easy to ignore: Regularly purge your purse to stay on top of accumulating mess. We recommend doing this at least once a week–Empty everything (seriously–everything!) from your purse, take stock, and start over. Repeating this process on a regular basis will keep your purse situation clutter- and stress-free.

6. Your smartphone already does so much to make your life easier and more efficient–but did you know that it can also help organize your purse? Today, there is such a great variety of helpful apps on the market. In particular, we love the flashlight app (most smartphones come with a standard version, but there are also upgraded versions–both free and for a small fee) and our most recent discovery: Key Ring. The Key Ring app stores club cars on your smartphone so that you no longer need to carry them on your actual key ring or somewhere else in your purse. When you get to the check-out counter at your local pharmacy or grocery store, you just swipe the bar code from that card to receive your perks and discounts.


These are tips and tricks we”ve found to keep us organized on-the-go. At the end of the day, though, a woman”s purse is such a personal thing–and everyone”s method (or lack thereof) of staying organized is different. We”ve heard it said before that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she keeps in her purse… There”s even an online quiz  you can take to see what your purse says about you!

What we MyChellians want to know, however, is: What are the must-have items or techniques you”ve picked up along the way to keep the ever-expanding contents of your purse as manageable as possible? How do you stay organized throughout the day? Please tell us in the comments below! We may even feature your tip or product recommendation in a future blog post!

By Liana Orenstein