There are so many things to love about spring. For many of us, spring cleaning is not one of them. However, with the right organization in place from the beginning, getting tidy – and staying that way – can be easy and (dare we say it?) even fun!

Here are some of our favorite fresh ideas, sourced from around the web – and recommended here, girlfriend to girlfriend:

la1021661_1106_1knit_vertFirst of all, Everything Etsy has got a ton of fantastic ideas for pretty DIY storage. We love this felted knitting basket by Martha Stewart, made from an old sweater. In the tutorial, the basket is shown used as a knitting basket – but it could easily be used to store everything from decorative trinkets to children’s toys.

Other great DIY ideas include this custom storage ottoman (click here for step-by-step ottoman1-550x796instructions and photos) and these clever “baskets” made from cardboard boxes by DIY Design Fanatic.

DIY6We also love this idea from Adore Your Place: Wrap old paint or soup cans in leftover wallpaper scraps to create lovely, one-of-a-kind canisters for art or school supplies.

The recurring message here is that storage does not have to be ugly – There are plenty of pretty ideas out there today, whether you’re a DIY type or  you’d rather just pick something up ready made. (Psst – If you haven’t yet checked out the elfa collection at The Container Store, you’re missing out.

photo_1Lindsey over at the Pursuit of Happiness shows us how to sort something that can be especially tricky to organize: our vast and ever-growing jewelry collections. Instead of hiding your prized baubles and chains in a box or drawer, why not put them all out on display? This way, as Lindsey says on her blog, everything’s out in the open – and you might even wind up wearing pieces that you’d completely forgotten that you own. All you need to recreate her look are some old frames, burlap, and furniture nails. Also seek out pretty bowls and dishes to keep loose items, like rings and brooches. And feel free to get creative! I personally hang all of my long necklaces on an old plastic dresser’s mannequin that I spray painted gold. I love the way it looks, and how functional the effect is – the necklaces I wear most often naturally remain on top, and I never forget or lose anything.

2824e608e9fb4b3e276d628aa600e33eContinuing the trend of hiding clutter in plain sight, Budget Home Wise shows us how to organize our shoes in a fresh, new way: Paint wooden crates whatever color(s) you choose, and hang them on the wall of your entryway to create cubbies. This will keep discarded shoes off the floor, where they can so easily become jumbled and create a big mess.

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By Liana Orenstein