Here at MyChelle, we’re obviously gearing up for spring: We’ve blogged about spring accessories, spring fashion, spring décor… even gardening and outdoor entertaining ideas. And yet, even after all that, we’ve found yet another thing to make us excited for the new season: Hair.

Among the most anticipated hair trends for spring 2013 are the expected: highlights, loose waves, feminine accessories. These are things that seem to return year after year. However, there are also some trends popping up that appear to be brand new for spring 2013. Here are a few that we’ve got our eye on:

Metal Accessories
Beautiful and elegant yet decidedly tough, metal hair accessories are quickly gaining popularity for spring. They add an unexpected touch of glitz and glamour to even the most casual hair style, and the neutral nature of metallics make them remarkably versatile. If you’d like to experiment with the trend but don’t know where to start, try this rhinestone and spike headband from TopShop (available at

Platinum Blonde
For so many women, warmer weather means a lighter hair color – whether from natural sun-kissed highlights or a trip to the salon. This year, you may see the tried-and-true trend taken a step further with bold platinum blonde tresses. At once angelic and defiant, this hue is not for the faint at heart. But when done right, it is absolutely stunning – and a fantastic choice for spring.

Nape-of-the-Neck Ponytails
The casual low ponytail is certainly nothing new – but this variation, spotted on the spring runways and featured in Harper’s Bazaar, sure is. Instead of securing your pony with the typical hair tie, try using a wide clip or band that forces the hair to fan out and lie flat. The effect offers the best of both worlds: The shiny, luxurious fullness of loose hair and the out-of-your-face convenience of a ponytail.

Colorful Scarves
For fashionistas everywhere, one of the hardest parts of winter’s end is having to say good-bye to scarves. But now, thanks to one of the hottest hair trends for spring 2013, you don’t have to! Move those bulky knit scarves to the back of your closet, and instead stock up on those of the colorful silk variety. Sure, you can just as easily wear them loosely knotted around your neck or the handle of your favorite handbag – but this spring, try wrapping them around your head instead. Click here for examples of how to wear the trend.

The Undone Updo
Who doesn’t love a messy updo? It’s the perfect unfussy fix for (ahem) any bad hair day. It’s chic and casual – and most importantly, it’s as easy to do as it looks! This spring, stay curent by keeping your knot or bun low on the head or at the nape of the neck. If you like, add a braid for extra interest and boho appeal. The photo used as an example here was borrowed from; click here to see the rest of the site’s ideas for spring hair styles.

Are you planning on changing up your look at all this spring? Perhaps you’re planning on changing the style or color of your hair? If so, we’d love to hear from you: What new hair trends are you planning to try out this spring? Drop us a line in the “comments” section below, and you’ll be automatically eligible to win a free gift from MyChelle!*

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By Liana Orenstein