So you’ve finished (or almost finished!) your holiday shopping. Now what?

Take your gifts to the next level with pretty, personalized wrapping. Homemade accents, unique details and fun, festive splashes of color and sparkle can turn an ordinary gift into something truly special.

Here are some of our favorite sources and images for gift wrap inspiration, recommended girlfriend to girlfriend:

6a0120a5c8d9a9970c012876718952970c-400wiShannon Eileen’s blog takes the traditional “brown paper packages tied up with string” and elevates them to a whole new level by layering textures in natural colors and materials. Start with a plain base, and take it from there. Use scraps of fabric, knitted material, felt, paper… You get the idea. Keep it all looking cohesive by sticking to an established color scheme (we love the shades of white and beige shown here.)

woven-giftwrap-pastelsHow adorable is this woven gift-topper by MinieCo? It’s lovely in the mix of soft pastels shown, but we recommend switching to a different color palate – maybe one with shades of red and green, or metallic – for the holiday season. Step-by-step instructions can be found right here.

ribbonsbowsInspired by an old book on paper art, Adelle took her gift wrapping into another dimension – 3D! To try it for yourself, first wrap your gift in a solid color. Then take a piece of paper in a contrasting color and fold it in half, draw any shape you wish (a Christmas tree could be fun, or an ornament!) to trace and cut out; attach the 3D shape to the wrapped present using a thin strip of double-sided tape or glue. Click here for more detailed instructions.

IMG_6079 copyIf you’ve never seen Alisa Burke’s blog, now is the time to check it out! We absolutely love the way she combines unexpected elements and rich detail. Here, she shows how to take rough, natural materials (twigs, leaves, feathers, etc) and make them your own. The results are stunning, and definitely worth the extra effort. Find more images and ideas here.

DSC_0052-2This creative gift-wrapping idea comes from Mod Podge Rocks! It’s a great way to let your kids help with the holiday festivities. The finger-painted gift tags add a graphic, whimsical element and the end result shows just how pretty and special homemade can be. The colors and shapes can certainly be customized (stars would be fun for the holidays!) and full instructions can be found over here.

bd102572_1106_eco_gftwrp3_xlWhat’s a DIY round-up without a nod to Martha Stewart? Of course, the Queen of Crafting herself has a collection of gift-wrapping ideas up on her site. You can click to browse all of them here. One of our favorites is this use of fabric instead of paper; the traditional art form is called furoshiki in Japan. You can use any fabric you like, but we especially like the idea of incorporating the gift itself: If you are giving a scarf as part of a gift, consider using it as wrapping!

DIY pom gift wrap ideasAshley of Sugar & Cloth loves pom poms because they “are light, fluffy, and pretty much perfect for holiday gift wrapping.” She recommends adding glitter for a festive look. We recommend layering colors and textures; you could even combine the pom poms with other unexpected items (faux flowers, pinwheels – use your imagination!) to replace the traditional bow.

Do you have any favorite sources for holiday gift wrap inspiration, or any go-to trips and tricks? If so, we’d love to hear them! Please share your recommendations with us in the “comments” section below – and be automatically entered to win a free gift from MyChelle for doing so!*

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By Liana Orenstein