With each season comes the inherent desire for something new: new clothing items to purchase, new holidays to celebrate, new activities to take advantage of that specific season’s weather – and new DIY craft projects to go along with all of the above!

Here are some of our favorite new summer DIY projects, sourced from around the web – and recommended right here, from girlfriend to girlfriend:

ds_7_18_diy_hammock_1Simple Summer Hammock, design*sponge
First up, here is a fantastic idea for creating your own customized hammock – using a bath towel, leather straps, cotton twine, and a few other things. You will need a sewing machine to complete the project – but the step-by-step instructions (complete with lovely photos) here make it a pretty easy job to do once you’ve got the right supplies. And the results are well worth the effort: This is so much prettier than a run-of-the-mill hammock, and you can add your own unique touches (like throw pillows from your living room) to show off your personal style.

originalChevron Pattern Stairs, The Home Depot
If you’ve got stairs in your home and are looking for an unexpected way to add a pop of color, consider this fun DIY idea from The Home Depot! Their website offers easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for how to create your own chevron pattern stairs. You can use whichever colors you like to enhance your décor; the vibrant turquoise pictured is delightfully summery. Note: This would be equally amazing on outdoor stairs, like those leading up to a patio or entryway!

summer-diy-projects-tips-activities-18Mesh Beach Bag, Between the Lines
We absolutely love this DIY mesh beach bag tutorial by Between the Lines! The final result is so stylish and fashion-forward that you’d never guess the “secret ingredient” – window screen material! How cool is that? You can buy it by the yard at your local hardware store – but if you have some lying around, that’s even better (talk about “upcycled!”) Even if you’re not planning to be near the beach this summer, the bag is worth making – for weekend trips to the farmer’s market, or simply running errands.

bouncing-bubblesBouncing Bubbles, DIY & Crafts
This one’s for anyone who has the young (or young-at-heart!) in her household: An all-natural recipe for making bubbles that bounce, instead of just popping on contact. What a great trick to pull out from up your sleeve when your kids complain that they’re bored on summer vacation! It’ll keep them entertained for hours (who doesn’t love bubbles, right?) Click here for the instructions (and even a video!)

For more fun DIY projects to get you through the summer and every other season, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards. And, of course, we’d love to hear your ideas as well! Please drop us a line in the “comments” section below, and share with us what you are most looking forward to making or doing this summer!

By Liana Orenstein