Depending upon what part of the country you’re in, you may be experiencing some fickle weather these days. Here in Colorado, where MyChelle’s headquarters are located, we’ve been weathering everything from 95-degree afternoons to heavy summer storms. Sometimes an unexpected dip in temperature can be a pleasant surprise, offering refreshing respite from a sweltering heat wave–but it sure does make it difficult to know what to wear!

Here are our favorite products and techniques for this season’s fickle weather, sure to help you get through rain or shine–or both!

1. Words like “chic” and “cute” may not be the first that come to mind when you think of an umbrella. On the contrary, they are often considered among the dullest and most cumbersome of accessories–but that doesn’t have to be the case! Choose one with a bold pattern or cheery color scheme, and you’ll see that your umbrella can do more than keep the rain off your head–it can brighten your entire day! We love this one–the “Chrysanthemum” style by Galleria, available on Amazon–for its feminine floral design and easy auto open/close function. See more at


2.  The art of dressing in layers is a necessary one to learn, but it can take some time to perfect. Luckily, the fashion world today gives us many options: Cardigans and pull-overs, jackets, shifts, leggings and stockings, accessories like wraps and hats–These can all be mixed and matched for comfort and style. It’s typically best to keep your first layer (top and bottom) fairly fitted, so that you do not wind up adding unnecessary bulk to your frame. Choose subsequent layers in thin materials and complementary colors (quick tip: stick to a neutral color palate, and add a single item in a bright color for personality!) A great source for fashion inspiration is There, you can browse clothing items that are perfect for layering–like this knitted opening blue cardigan by ROMWE, pictured here.

3. So many times, we think we don’t need sunscreen when it’s raining–but that’s just not the case! Especially during fickle weather, when the clouds can form and disappear at any given time, it’s important to remember to keep your skin protected from the elements. The Daily Defense Cream SPF 17 for all skin types combines nourishing ingredients with Zinc Oxide to hydrate and protect in a single step, all day long. Regular application can reduce the appearance of fine lines, and Beta-Glucan helps skin retain moisture over time. Make sure to let the product absorb completely into the skin before applying make-up, for even application.

4. For so many women, frizz is a huge concern during unpredictable weather. The fact that your hair can tell when it’s about to rain may be useful–but that doesn’t mean that you want it broadcasting the news to all of your friends and colleagues! Ward off frizz with the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist, a lightweight formula that instantly absorbs to be used as a treatment or style primer. The versatile mist protects hair from heat styling tools, works to eliminate frizz, and even boosts shine and color at the same time. It is Eco-Certified, Fair-Trade compliant, Certified Organic, and free of parabens and sulfates.


5. Nothing refreshes skin in a summer heat wave like a splash of cold water–but sometimes, it’s just not possible to duck out of a meeting or event to wash your face! When you need a quick fix on a humid day, reach for your Fruit Enzyme Mist. The antioxidant-rich, hydrating toner helps to soften and ease the look of uneven skin tone–and you can apply as many times as you want throughout the day to rehydrate and refresh. It’s like having a portable, sweet-smelling splash of cold water in your purse!


6. Of all the layers one might need to look and feel great during fickle weather, the scarf might just be the most important of all. They come in all types of materials, from the thinnest silk to the thickest wool–and we recommend stocking up on all kinds, to last you through the year. Casual or dressy, toned-down or bright and bold–there is a scarf to match every (perfectly layered!) outfit. However, this last Girlfriend Recommended tip for fickle weather is not simply “buy scarves.” It’s also about how you wear that scarf: Loop it around your neck, of course, when the temperature dips–but don’t just leave it at home or in the car when the clouds lift! Wrap it around your head, thread it through your belt loops, or (our personal fave) tie it around the handle of your handbag for an eye-catching detail that is as pretty as it is practical. Find a great variety of scarves–including the lovely one pictured here–at

… And there you have it: Our Girlfriend Recommended Fashion & Beauty Tips for Fickle Seasonal Weather! Now, we’d love to hear yours–What accessories and products do you automatically reach for when the Weather Channel’s not giving you a definitive answer? What do you throw on (or into your purse) when you’re just not sure what the day will bring? Please let us know in the comments below!!

By Liana Orenstein