There’s just something about home-made ornaments that adds a touch of personalized charm to your holiday décor. Here are some of our favorite ideas, recommended girlfriend to girlfriend:

1. Cinnamon Bird Ornament (Martha Stewart)

This first DIY Christmas ornament idea comes from the Queen of DIY herself, Martha Stewart. It combines so many things we love – colorful glitter, whimsical birds in flight, and the sweet and spicy smell of cinnamon. The technique can be customized to showcase any type of bird (or other animal or item) that you like – so get creative! However, keep in mind that the “dough” takes some time to create and the final product needs 24 hours to fully dry, so this project is a bit time-intensive. Give yourself the weekend, and click here to read the full instructions.

2. Repurposed Light Bulb Ornament (Balancing Home)

Megan, the blogger behind Balancing Home, crafted these adorable Christmas ornaments for a DIY ornament exchange (great idea, right?!) They provide the perfect upcycle solution for all of those light bulbs that no longer work, or that you no longer use. They’re simple to make; all you need is a few old light bulbs, Modge Podge, glitter, and a bit of ribbon – and you have yourself a homemade addition to your holiday tree or wreath!

3. Snowy Balloon Ornaments (Martha Stewart)

Also from Martha Stewart, this crafty ornament idea is a riff off papier-mâché. Blow up a balloon and wrap it with string dampened with glue – and then, when you’re done, pop the balloon to create a beautiful, minimalist snowball ornament. Add glitter to make the whole thing more festive, and maybe even consider experimenting with different colors. These could be lovely in silver or gold. Click here for full instructions.

4. Cupcake Ornament (goldiloks)

Here’s a different take on a DIY Christmas ornament, using an actual ornament. Place it in a mini cupcake liner, paint “frosting” and add glitter or fake snow, and top the whole thing off with a fake berry or cherry (available at most craft stores.) The only tool you’ll need is a glue gun – and the result is an easy-to-make and pretty addition to your girly décor… Who says pink isn’t Christmas-y? Find the full instructions here.

5. Citrus Ornament (Whole Foods Market)

Another fruity ornament idea comes from Whole Foods Market. Like the cinnamon ones mentioned above, these citrus ornaments use their natural ingredients to infuse them with a delicious scent. They make look and smell good enough to eat – but don’t! Instead, use them to decorate your tree or wreath this year. It takes a few hours to bake the fruit (we recommend a combination or oranges, grapefruits and lemons) until dry, so plan accordingly. You can read all about the process right here.

6. Glitter Bay Leaf Wreath Ornament (Sweet Something Designs)

One more DIY Christmas ornament idea inspired by the contents of your pantry, this glitter bay leaf wreath decoration is beautiful and unique. The blog we found it on recommends using ready-made faux glitter leaves (the kind you can find in pretty much any craft store) but if you want to up the ante and give yourself more “yep, I made that” clout, we think you could probably use real bay leaves coated in Modge Podge and dipped in glitter!


We will continue to share our favorite tips, traditions and recipes throughout the holiday season. And, of course, we love to hear back from our readers – so please share your own DIY ideas and recommendations in the “comments” section below. Remember that by doing so, you will be automatically entered to win a free stocking stuffer from MyChelle!*

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By Liana Orenstein