Happy New Year, Beautiful!

Here at MyChelle, we are so excited to ring in 2013! And nothing says New Year’s Eve like a festive, fizzy champagne cocktail.

Here are some of our favorite renditions, from some of our favorite food blogs. And we’re recommending them to you, girlfriend to girlfriend:

Blackberry Champagne Margarita, Just Putzing Around the Kitchen
DSC_1017Cinco de Mayo meets New Year’s Eve in this tasty, fruity cocktail. Muddle fresh (or frozen, as the season calls for) blackberries, lemon juice and sugar – and then add the booze! If you’ve never had champagne and tequila combined, you’re missing out… Of course, if you don’t like blackberries for some reason, you could probably swap out for a different berry or fruit. The full recipe and additional photos can be found right here.

Classic French 75, Ring Finger Tan Line
edited-3973For many people, including Laura of Ring Finger Tan Line, nothing beats a classic French 75 cocktail. Laura’s blog features step-by-step instructions for how to construct the perfect drink. While the French 75 may not be groundbreaking or innovative, it is certainly delicious – and sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any New Year’s Eve soiree.

Lavender-Infused Champagne Sangria, The Bleu Goose
IMG_6085Now here is a cocktail that is groundbreaking and innovative: Lavender-Infused Champagne Sangria! It is a little more time-intensive than the other recipes listed (for this one, you need to marinate the fruit in triple sec overnight and also make the lavender simple syrup by hand) but the result is totally worth the extra effort. You can adjust the fresh fruit to suit your own personal preference. As an added bonus, the presentation is stunning. Click here for the full recipe.

Coconut Champagne Punch, Averie Cooks
coconutwaterpunch-13You may or may not know that coconut water is an excellent hangover cure; it’s high in potassium and it helps to replenish electrolytes in the body. It’s also quite delicious. Now, there may not be any science behind it (yet) but we’d like to think that adding coconut water to our cocktail acts as preventative medicine. (It can’t hurt, right?) This Coconut Champagne Punch shows just how tasty that medicine can be – and the pretty color (a result of the coconut-and-grenadine combo) makes it all that more special. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

Blueberry-Pineapple Champagne Sparkler, Tasty-Trials
DSC_2545You can’t really go wrong with champagne and blended fruit; we’d imagine that pretty much any combination would do. Here’s one that’s been proven to be wonderful: pineapple and blueberries! Puree them in a blender along with fresh mint, add sugar if needed, and top with champagne – et voilà, you’ve got a great cocktail with which to ring in the new year! This blog has got the full recipe and photos.

Stormy Morning, The Framed Table
Stormy Morning CocktailCould this cocktail be any prettier? The pale purple color that gives this drink its name comes from the Créme de Violette, which also (along with the St. Germain) adds a unique floral taste. Even though New Year’s Eve takes place in the dead of winter on this part of the globe, there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate it with “spring in a glass”! Click here for the recipe.

Faux Strawberry Champagne, Pepper.PH
strawberry-champagne-uploadDesignated drivers, expectant mothers and other non-drinkers need to celebrate too! Here’s a fun and festive drink reminiscent of champagne – minus the buzz. The combination of fizzy sprite, fresh strawberries and syrup looks and feels special enough for the occasion. Whip up a batch for your New Year’s Eve get-together, and your sober friends will thank you.

Of course, we urge all drinkers to celebrate responsibly.

Will you be ringing in 2013 with champagne? Do you drink it straight-up, or add other ingredients? If you have a favorite champagne cocktail recipe, we’d love to hear it! Please post all suggestions, questions and other feedback in the “comments” section below – and be automatically entered to win a free gift from MyChelle!*

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By Liana Orenstein