MyChelle_CampPhotoOur Beauty Inside and Out Sweepstakes launched on Facebook only a few days ago – and we’ve already received so many fantastic submissions!

We’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our favorites with you. So here are some real “girlfriend recommended” beauty tips, brought to you by our beautiful Facebook fans…

One of our fans recommends using a microfiber cloth as part of her beauty regimen:I love washing my face with a microfiber face cloth with just water and the cloth or I use it after cleansing my face to remove make up, any residue and dead skin cells that dont come off completely with a regular face cloth or cleanser.”

We’ve also received quite a few recipes for at-home DIY facials:

“After drinking Green Tea in the morning, I take the used tea bags & gently pat them on my face, around my eyes, lips & neck. It is a good anti-oxidant/aging treatment, firms, tightens & wakes up your skin. Natural & economical!”

“For a warm glow and great natural exfoliation I apply organic tomato paste to my cleansed face, neck and decollete and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse. Apply fresh organic lemon juice to a cotton pad and sweep over face, neck and decollete leaving on skin for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and follow with Mychelle Pure Harmony moisturizer.”

And here’s a tip that is especially helpful during these dry winter months:For a dry, itchy winter scalp, I add several drops of tea tree oil to my shampoo and leave on scalp for a few minutes. Works great!!”

Many of our fans recommend working from the inside out:

Make sure your skin is healthy by eating lots of different colored fruits and veggies, use quality natural skin care products morning and evening, and drink plenty of water!”

“I believe that if you take care of your inside, your beauty will be reflected on the outside. My beauty secrets include: be natural (eat and use products from nature), be active (hiking, yoga, running, etc), be still (meditation), be happy.”

“Get rid of the white flour, sugar, basically anything processed. Drink plenty of filtered water.”

And, of course, we’ve received plenty of beauty tips that involve MyChelle Dermaceuticals products:

“After a fun day outside, whether it be at the beach or a hike, I like to pamper myself with a ‘mini’ facial. I wash my face with the Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser, followed by Fruit Fiesta Peel and end my facial with the Hyaluronic Serum and Polypeptide Cream. All the while sipping on tea and listening to some of my favorite tunes.”

“I love long thick eye lashes, and your Ultimate Lash Serum does a remarkable job! Appreicate having clean, non toxic products! Thank you!”

“Nothing makes you look or feel more beautiful than a big smile, and a generous heart, but MyChelle‘s incredible, all natural products sure help!”

Lastly, we love the submissions that talk about beauty being so much more than skin-deep:

“We all know beauty comes from the inside. In my 41 years I have found this to be the best beauty tip: Be kind, thoughtful, and loving to those around you, and yet be strong spirited and don’t rely on others for your happiness. This will make you will be a beautiful person, despite any imperfections of the flesh!”

Do you have a beauty tip or trick to share? Enter it into our Beauty Inside and Out Sweepstakes for a chance to win our grand prize (which includes a trip for two to the inspiring Ogichi Daa Kwe camp and a year’s worth of MyChelle products!)

Good luck!

By Liana Orenstein