Meet the DermaCalm Complex™, an exclusive combination of Blue Daisy and French Oak Extract featured in our new nourishing duo: Gentle Cleansing Wash and Gentle Day Cream. These powerhouse ingredients cover all of sensitive skin’s basic needs, from controlling inflammation to warding off environmental stressors that cause premature aging—the culprits behind the dreaded “inflam-aging”.

Blue Daisy is a perennial plant from the Mediterranean basin that is traditionally used to treat diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and internal inflammatory diseases, as well as for its astringent and soothing properties. From the Latin name Globularia alypum, alypum comes from the Greek ‘alypon’, which means ‘to calm the pain’. In topical skin care, Blue Daisy inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators to soothe and reduce the reactiveness of irritated skin while also helping to slow the aging process (bonus!).

French Oak (Quercus petraea) Extract harnesses the antioxidant power of the oak tree—the King of the forest and steadfast symbol of wisdom, power, and immortality due to an impressive life span of up to 500 years. Its intense antioxidant properties come from its high content of phenolic compounds and have been used for centuries as a soothing, toning, and fortifying agent. As a part of this complex, French Oak Extract is responsible for neutralizing free radicals and reducing the harmful effects of oxidative stress to fight premature aging—a condition from which no skin type, unfortunately, is immune.

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