April is an important month for everyone at MyChelle. Not only does spring signal the end of winter, but also because we welcome the return of Earth Day. If you know MyChelle, then you KNOW we value the environment and continuously look for opportunities to use, conserve and protect. Earth Day provides an excellent opportunity to draw awareness to growing environmental issues that impact all our communities. This year, challenge yourself and family to adopt new habits and routines that collectively, will make a huge difference.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a short list of suggestions. And, we would love to hear your ideas as well. Please leave a comment and we will publish throughout the month.


Purchasing food locally from stores and markets is – and should be – on everyone’s to-do list and for a good reason. Food transportation is one of the largest contributors to global pollution. The less distance food travels to get to your table, the less pollution that is emitted into the atmosphere.


The vintage is always in and consignment and thrift stores often sell items in excellent condition. Considering most of these stores will buy back certain clothing and household items you don’t need/want them anymore, it’s almost a better financial deal than buying something brand new.


If you want immediate gratification for a planetary good deed, planting a tree is a great option. Trees are good for the air, the land and make beautiful additions to any landscape. If tree planting isn’t an option, just plant something green and good.


Ok, maybe you cringe thinking about it but by cutting showers by just two minutes, you can conserve ten gallons of water. Ten gallons! You can still wash, rinse and repeat, just scrub a little bit faster!


How many Starbucks cups have you used thus far? Ouch. It’s unfortunate that the amount of paper and plastic used to fuel the daily caffeine routine isn’t properly recycled. By investing in reusable coffee cups, you can cut down on waste significantly. And, most coffee shops – including Starbucks – offer a discount when presented with a reusable mug.

Earth Day is April 22. Please share your Earth Day tips and opportunities. To learn more about MyChelle Dermaceuticals visit www.mychelle.com

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