>Style File: Facing the future
By The Denver Post
Posted: 05/12/2011 01:00:00 AM MDT
Louisville-based MyChelle Dermaceuticals specializes in what it calls “bioactive” skin care, using natural and plant-based ingredients in products that aim to smooth, refine and nourish the skin. The company is launching the MyChelle Imaging System on May 19 at the Whole Foods store オンラインカジノ日本 at 7400 E. Hampden Ave. Shoppers can meet with a MyChelle esthetician to have their skin analyzed by the device, which uses a standard white light with a cross-polarized flash and UV photography to measure skin surface and subsurface conditions, looking for irregularities, wrinkles, texture, bacteria, pores, age spots, UV spots and vascular areas. After the analysis, customers get a consultation and recommendations on what products to use. When a client goes back in two- and four-month intervals, she can track changes in her skin. More at mychelle.com
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