About a year ago, I witnessed the following exchange between my then five-year old son, E., and 40-something husband, C:

E: “Dad, why are there so many cracks on your forehead and eyes?”

C: “Those aren’t cracks, son, they’re laugh lines, signs of a long happy life!”

E: “Well, mommy’s skin isn’t cracked, and she laughs a lot, especially when you try to fix stuff or scramble eggs.”

C: “Aren’t you late for school?”

E: “It’s Saturday.”

Until that point, my husband’s skin care routine consisted of a scalding 40-minute shower, a hasty – sometimes dry– shave, and maybe a splash of cologne for good measure. Four seconds after our son exited the room, my newly age-conscious husband turned to me, pulled tight at his face, and in a hushed tone asked what he should do about the dry skin, creeping lines, and brown spots that dotted his nose and cheekbones.

In a barely audible whisper he asked,

C: “Honey, do I need the Botox?”

Assuring him he did NOT need the ‘Tox, I offered a few basic skin care suggestions to which he recoiled and responded with following:

C: “I don’t have TIME for all that!”

C: “Dudes with office jobs DO NOT exfoliate!”

C: “What the (BLEEP) is SERUM?”

C: “But I DO use sunscreen…in the SUMMER. The stuff lasts FOREVER—I’ve been using the SAME tube that’s been in my golf bag since we started dating TEN years ago!”

Rather than argue each point, I calmly offered to crack the vault (my beauty closet) and discretely transfer five MyChelle skin care products (GOOD FOR MEN OF ALL PROFESSIONS!) to the barren wasteland that was his vanity drawer.

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

Fruit Enzyme Scrub

Perfect C Serum

Advanced Argan Oil

Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum   

Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist

Pumpkin Renew Cream     

Sun Shield SPF 28 Unscented

Daily Defense Cream SPF 17   

After a few additional rounds (weeks) of dispute, debate, and deflection, he began to notice subtle improvements: his gorgeous mug was smooth and less prone to dryness, the hyperpigmentation was visibly improved, and the (bleeping) serums gave his skin a firm, healthy glow. Using sun protection daily and reapplying during a round of golf took a bit more convincing, but the new clear stick seems to have done the trick!

A year after the bathroom inquisition with our six-year old, he has replenished his MyChelle stock twice, occasionally discusses his skin care program openly with other dads and dudes, and didn’t crinkle his forehead in disgust when I offered him a Father’s Day gift certificate for an anti-aging facial at a (gasp!) spa.

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