You already know what symbols to look for on a restaurant menu to make sure you’re putting the right things in your body, but do you know the symbols to look for on your beauty products to make sure you know what you’re putting on your body? Here in the U.S., the only information that a beauty product is required to disclose on the label is the product’s name, net quantity of contents (weight), warnings, directions for safe use, ingredients, and the company’s place of business.1 What’s missing are some key pieces of information for people who are trying to avoid certain things (e.g. gluten or animal products) or looking for a product that best fits their lifestyle. That’s where the little symbols on our products and boxes come in!

We know, we know…we talk about the necessity of reading the labels on your beauty products all the time. But we’re like your mom, we only want what’s best for you! That’s why we’re doing our best Nancy Drew impression and deciphering the little-talked-about (but very important) symbols you see on all our packaging. You don’t have to be a detective to discover the meaning behind these symbols, but it’s fun to pretend…so let’s get crackin’!

Cruelty-Free Bunny

We are proud to be on PETA’s list of certified cruelty-free companies. This means that we have verified that we do not conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products, and we have pledged not to do so in the future. Find this cruelty-free bunny symbol on all our products!



MyChelle has always been focused on clean, conscious, and ethically-sourced products with full transparency in ingredient labeling—complying with the Environmental Working Group’s strict standards and policies. As such, we are a proud founding member of the EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health™ program! Look for this symbol to easily identify our products that meet EWG’s criteria for transparency and health.


You see this little symbol everywhere, and that includes all of our bottles, tubes, jars, and boxes! We use eco-friendly glass, plastic, and cardboard for our different packaging needs, and all resins used in our line are FDA grade. MyChelle containers are in the #2 and #7 recycling category and are accepted at most recycling centers – we recommend checking with your local center to confirm the types of plastics they accept. We don’t use any plastics that contain Bisphenol A or any other ingredients known to be hormone disruptors nor do we use any materials known to have links to carcinogens.

Period After Opening

This open jar symbol with a number and the letter ‘M’ next to it tells you how long the product is good for after opening. The ‘M’ stands for ‘months’ and the number indicates the recommended use-by time after opening the product. All MyChelle products have a use-after-opening range between 12 and 24 months.


Vegan or Vegetarian

You’ll see the Vegan symbol on the majority of our products, and the Vegetarian symbol on the others. The majority of our products are vegan, except those that contain yogurt, milk protein, honey, or beeswax. All of our products are vegetarian.

Gluten Free

All MyChelle products have been tested independently by a third-party laboratory and confirmed as being gluten-free with gluten levels that do not exceed 5 ppm. In addition, we are proud to be certified through the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), the leading gluten-free certification program in the world. The GFCO logo stands for the independent verification of quality, integrity, and purity of products. Products carrying the GF logo represent unmatched reliability for meeting strict gluten-free standards.

Reef Safe

From our beginnings 18 years ago, we’ve been committed to producing clean Sun Care that is Reef Safe. MyChelle was one of the first cosmetic manufacturers to reject marine-toxic ingredients, including Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Butylparaben, Retinyl Palmitate, and 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor. These compounds can be devastating to coral reefs and marine life. Learn more about our Reef Safe initiatives here.

Congratulations! Now you know how to crack the code. For info on how to decipher the ingredient labels on your beauty products, check out our blog on cleaning your routine.