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This week, as part of our ongoing Clear Skin series, we are answering 2 frequently asked questions about blemishes at different ages. Hormones, lifestyle, and environmental factors all contribute to overactive, oily skin, but no matter the cause, the solution most often lies in a healthy, natural skincare routine that keeps skin balanced and breakouts at bay. But, be aware, skin absorbs up to 60% of what it comes in contact with, allowing harmful chemicals to move more freely past the outside layer of the skin. The new MyChelle Clear Skin regimen was formulated to provide active and effective solutions safe for the consumer and the environment.

If you struggle with oily or combination skin and have a question, email, and you may find the answer in our next Hello, Beautiful post!

Clear Skin 101: Part 2

My teenage daughter is beginning to experience acne breakouts. Should we jump all-in with the Clear Skin products or gradually add? J. Richards, Maple Grove, MN

The biggest concern for younger skin types tends to be blemishes, oiliness, and irritation, and when it comes to taking care of their skin, many adolescents wish pimples were a simple fix. Unfortunately, breakouts are difficult to control and affect most teens, regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. Puberty triggers hormonal changes that cause the sebaceous glands to swell, making skin extra oily. Excess oil production and poor exfoliation encourage the overgrowth of blemish-causing bacteria, causing zits to form. Other factors include pore-clogging cosmetics and harsh, chemical-laden skin care products.

The MyChelle Clear Skin range is formulated specifically for temperamental, blemish-prone skin with purifying Colloidal Sulfur and other powerful, pimple-shrinking ingredients to help properly balance and protect skin. And because consistent cleansing, exfoliation, and spot treatments are key to regaining balance, we made the new product collection gentle enough to not cause additional irritation.

For teens starting to breakout, MyChelle recommends cleansing daily with the Clear Skin Cranberry Cleanser and moisturizing with the Clear Skin Balancing Lotion. Depending on the severity of breakouts, you can incorporate other key treatments like the Clear Skin Cranberry Mud Mask, Clear Skin Pore Refiner, and Clear Skin Spot Treatment into the routine.

I didn’t have acne or blemish issues as a teen, but I recently turned 40 and am experiencing random breakouts in my T-zone! How is adult acne different than young adult acne, and how should I care for my skin during breakouts? K. Jolliffe, Brooklyn, NY

Teen breakouts occur for various reasons including overproduction of oil, trapped bacteria, and hormones released throughout puberty. But adult blemishes usually displays the following, unique characteristics:

  • Breakouts are more common lower on the face, including the chin and jaw line
  • May be due to hormonal fluctuations of menstrual cycles, pregnancy, or menopause
  • Inflammation can be exacerbated by stress
  • Adults may develop chronic redness with breakouts

Because adults often have dry or combination skin, over-the-counter treatments can often irritate the complexion. The best defense for aging skin that experiences the occasional breakout is prevention. For those 40+, our suggested regimen for restoring balance is:

  1. Cleanse morning and evening to clear pores: Clear Skin Cranberry Cleanser
  2. Detoxify one to three times a week to absorb excess oil: Clear Skin Cranberry Mud Mask
  3. Treat skin daily to minimize surface shine and tighten skin: Clear Skin Pore Refiner
  4. Hydrate morning and evening with a non-comedogenic moisturizer: Clear Skin Balancing Lotion
  5. Protect skin daily with a broad-spectrum, mineral sunscreen: Sun Shield SPF 28

If you are experiencing periods of skin imbalance resulting in breakouts or inflammation and unsure which MyChelle products to use, a MyChelle esthetician can help create a custom solution. Call 1-800-447-2076 or email