Somewhere around mid-September, I broke-up with my long-term skin care routine. I have sensitive/dry skin and at the time, my face was clear, soft, and relatively smooth. But, if I’m being honest, with my trio of kids back on an early morning school schedule and late nights at the office, I was desperate for lifestyle short cuts that would get me into bed—and the carpool lane—with extra Starbucks minutes to spare.

It started with the evening skin care ritual. First to go was the under eye moisturizer. A heavier application of expensive concealer would work just fine, no? On a whim, I also made the decision to nix the nighttime anti-aging cocktail of Vitamin A with a moisturizer chaser in favor of a quick cleanse and a few drops of my favorite serum. I reset the alarm and high-fived my husband who was slightly unnerved to find me in bed before him.

Friends, the consequences of ditching the moisturization portion of my skin care regimen, were less than spectacular, especially as the temperature (and humidity!) began to drop.

Week 1

My skin starts to feel tight—not post chemical peel tight—but noticeably dry, somewhat itchy and hold-on, is that a pimple on my chin? I blame the water softener.

Week 2

My laser-focused tween questions why my make-up looks “crinkly” around the eyes. A quick check in the mirror and it appears my crow’s feet have sprouted crow’s feet.

Week 3

I feel well rested—and sufficiently caffeinated—but not even a cheerful pop of creamy pink blush can resuscitate my parched, thirty-something skin.

Week 4

I call off the experiment. I love my skin more than I love beating the rush at the coffee drive-thru.

I moved my favorite skin care heroes—Supreme Polypeptide Cream, Remarkable Retinal Serum, and Fabulous Eye Cream, back to the vanity and within a days, my skin feels fuller, the crow’s feet diminished, and when I apply foundation, the finish is flawless. With the holidays—and another birthday—fast approaching, I’ve recommitted to maintaining my best complexion, which for me means a heavy dose of moisture and powerful anti-aging ingredients to protect my skin even when it seems mother nature is doing everything to work against me.

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