If your skin care routine hasn’t exactly been “on fleek” lately, now is the time to kick-start your beauty game. The payoff is almost immediate (not to mention pain-free). Similar to accomplishing your workout goals, consistency and repetition are keys to achieving and maintaining a naturally beautiful complexion, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t “switch it up” and incorporate or phase out different products depending on your skin type or seasonal, and even hormonal, changes.

Take Home the Prize
We asked our in-house esthetician to develop a 3-step basic training regimen to help prep, cleanse, tone & tighten your skin to better health, and we want to see your results! Track and share your skin care progress via Twitter and Instagram using #mychellebeauty #healthyskin16 for a chance to win a complete MyChelle basic skin care kit.


A healthy face begins with a clean slate, so removing dirt, makeup, and other impurities is your first benchmark to hit every day. Start both your morning and evening regimens with a power wash that targets your specific skin concerns. MyChelle cleansers are non-toxic and feature pore-refining essential oils, exfoliating fruit acids, natural skin brighteners, and protective antioxidants. Use the following guide to determine which of our 5 bioactive cleansers best suites your current skin condition:

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With your cleanser in-hand and using a clean, damp washcloth or facial cleansing brush, wash the face, neck, and décolletage for at least 60-90 seconds. Avoid using excessively hot water, which can dehydrate the skin. Rinse and gently pat dry with a soft, fluffy towel.

PRO TIP: For a super-sudsy, at-home treatment try double cleansing for spa-like results. Start your cleansing session with a creamy, hydrating cleanser like the Gentle Cleansing Wash to pull away oil and dirt without stripping away moisture. Rinse and pat dry. For the second wash, use a clarifying cleanser, such as the multi-tasking Refining Sugar Cleanser to provide mild exfoliation and deeper detoxification.


After a thorough cleanse, facial pores are open and ready for an added dose of nutrients. A spritz or two of the Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist will instantly rebalance moisture levels and improve skin’s overall tone and texture. This product packs a serious punch, using antioxidant turmeric to strengthen, Mangosteen to support collagen, plus Pectin and Pineapple to help resurface and smooth skin.

Keep your recharged complexion clear and dewy with a final application of the Serious Hyaluronic Moisturizing Gel. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, this lightweight moisturizer contains Copper Mineral and the amino acid Proline to revitalize skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance.

Total Maintenance
Commitment to a basic skin care routine will produce real results, but don’t skimp on other important lifestyle choices: drinking tons of water, maintaining a balanced diet rich in fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains (certain dark chocolates offer antioxidant benefits, too!); adequate sleep; and regular physical activity.

PRO TIP: Always cool down your morning skin care program with an adequate application of a broad-spectrum SPF to protect against skin disease and premature aging. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

MyChelle Personal Skin Care Coaching
If you’re in need of an individualized skin care plan, MyChelle expert estheticians are available to help answer questions and provide specific product recommendations and protocols. Please email customerservice@mychelle.com