True ingredient transparency transcends the specific formulation of a beauty product to include its total impact and effect on our global environment. When the MyChelle product development team gathers to plan its next skincare care innovation, it’s agreed unanimously that the plant-based, bioactive ingredients sourced for the product must never compromise personal health and safety, or the wellbeing and conservation of the environment. It’s termed ‘sustainable formulating’.

A comprehensive study recently conducted by BBMG, GlobeScan, and SustainAbility concludes that more than 8 in 10 consumers globally (82%) say ingredient transparency is a “very important or important” factor when shopping for beauty and personal care products. Additionally, 87% of consumers say “uses no harsh chemicals or toxins” drives their product purchases in the beauty and personal care category.

As important as it is to purchase safe, transparent, and natural or organic products, ‘natural’ simply isn’t as gratifying if ultimately it robs a community of non-renewable drinking water or diminishes healthy farmland. To claim true sustainability, a company’s focus must extend beyond the end result to encompass the ingredients complete journey from seed to shelf.

We call this good ingredient chemistry.

Taking Responsibility

When it comes to sustainable ingredients that don’t compromise the planet’s resources, the MyChelle Difference promises:

  • Comprehensive eco-friendly approach to protecting biodiversity
  • Bio-Resourceful: Using full access to natural substances found in the entire plant
  • No depletion of endangered plant species or natural resources

This commitment means MyChelle is able to take an active plant stem cell and produce more actives through micro-algae, biological fermentation techniques. The unique process uses 140 times less water than is used for normal plant ingredient harvesting and 120 times less land, redirecting the saved resources to drinking water and reusable farmland.

Since the company’s founding in 2000, we have always valued our partnerships—people, places, and planet. Our sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices include wind powered energy and recyclable paper cartons, plastic tubes, and glass bottle and jars. We also continue to support community organizations that protect our planet like The Wild Foundation and the Surfrider Foundation.

Everyday, we are encouraged by the growing consumer demand for greater transparency and the resulting push for more companies to avoid ingredients that are dangerous to their consumers and the planet. To better guide our customers, we publish a full ingredient list for each product on the box and our website. Our website also includes a glossary for further details on each ingredient and a list of the 30 most potentially toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals to avoid.

We invite you to contact us with your ingredient and transparency questions at