MyChelle is more than just a brand. You have heard me say that before, and I will be saying it again…but what exactly do I mean?

According to a brand is defined as: “a class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer.”

I would say we all had a pretty good idea that would be the dictionary’s definition. And here is what I mean by more than “just” a brand. MyChelle Dermaceuticals is in fact the manufacturer of really incredible, natural and effective skin care products. We are also visionaries, on a mission and obsessed with showing the world what we have to offer…all while standing true to our 6 core values…this is our purpose. 

When we market our brand, we are really marketing our purpose. Let’s go into a bit more detail so you get a good idea of what you are supporting…

…More than just a brand:

We are visionaries: We are setting out to be the leading natural skin care brand in the US.

On a mission: Yes we are! To deliver skin products and service that nourish and strengthen a woman’s internal and external beauty everyday!

Obsessed: In a good way! Our complete focus is to show the world that skin care can be effective AND natural!

That is MyChelle’s purpose from the outside…

…We sustain this purpose by holding true to our core values:

1) The 3 I’s:

  • Intrinsic Value – This is our teamwork. Though it is more than teamwork. It is each individual belonging to the essential nature of our company.
  • Innovation – We strive to have new products, services, ideas, and cutting edge technology. An example of this? Ask our Esthetician and VISIA Complexion Analysis
  • Intimacy – We want to develop a stron relationship with you beyond products. We believe our connections are deeper and we want to share our thoughts and ideas with you. We want to hear your wants and needs. We want to work together to make our products and services even better – our brand even stronger. Each day we will strive to be better than the last; which leads to our next core value…

2) Kaizen: This term is Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better.” We believe we learn from every effort we put forward and the next step can achieve greater heights with continuous improvement. This means tomorrow is better than yesterday.

3) LCS: “Legendary Customer Service” needs little explanation. We want every experience you have with MyChelle to be wonderful. Anything less than stellar is simply not what we are striving for. It isn’t just the product that grows the company – it is you. And don’t you deserve legendary service?

4) Performance: We must measure how we are doing currently to accurately measure how we can improve. It isn’t only the performance that matters – it is what we do with the results.

5) MyDifference – these are our programs that have been developed to focus on making a difference in our community. It consists of these primary focuses:

  • MyGiving: Partnering with like-minded organizations focusing on women’s empowerment and giving back to the community both locally and nationally.
  • MyCaring: We love our MyChelle family! The MyCaring program is about something beyond our actual jobs. It is about being part of something bigger.
  • MyPlanet: This is huge. This is about our environment and sustainability footprint. This is a whole company approach to making each step an eco-conscious step.

6) Hoopla – All work and no fun? No thank you! We make sure there is something exciting to balance the hard work and dedication that each and every team member puts in to play with MyChelle.

There you have it…MyChelle from the inside out.

Since you have a better understanding of how we do what we do, you may better understand why we do it – and why the end product is truly a cut above the rest. We are building our “foundation” day by day and our hope is to bring you along with us as part of the family.

Thank you for your continued support for MyChelle Dermaceuticals.

Thank you for your support of our new blog, Hello, Beautiful. Here you will see our purpose – in a visual representation.

What do you think of our purpose?

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