We definitely felt the blogger love this week! MyChelle products were featured in five fantastic beauty blogs – and in particular, our MyChelle Pure Harmony Cleanser seems to be quite popular:

Because Beauty is Raw and Wild loves the cleanser(which was specially formulated to gently cleanse sensitive skin) for its “cute packaging”, “really unique and soft” texture – and, of course, the results: “I can see a huge difference in my skin, no more pimples since I started using it (I don’t know if it has something to do with it or if it’s just a miracle) I can see a noticeable difference in my skin, it feels softer, smoother and brighter!!”

Mychelle-002Meanwhile, Love From Sammie took the entire Hello Beautiful Collection for Sensitive Skin for a test drive and was very pleased with the results: “After using the products for two weeks religiously, my skin really does feel super soft, even more so than usual. I also found that my face doesn’t feel so dry in the mornings. I usually just apply moisturizer every morning/night so it was lovely for my skin to not even feel slightly dry!”

450Over at The Beauty Pirate, our ever-popular MyChelle Perfect C Serum was recommended because “while it does wonders over time, you can see an immediate difference in the brightness and texture of your skin.”

Buzzmaker Mindy White and Jen Mathews of My Beauty Bunny also mentioned MyChelle this week, calling it one of their favorite all-natural and cruelty-free brands.

Were any of your favorite MyChelle products featured this week?

By Liana Orenstein