VegTimes_coverVegetarian Times Magazine celebrates the beauty benefits of coconut in its January/February 2013 issue. In an article aptly entitled “Go Coconuts,” editors recommend readers “quench thirsty skin and hair with this lush tropical fruit.”

“Ambrosial coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids that help skin cells retain water, keeping them youthfully plump and vibrant. These fatty acids aid in soothing parched winter skin, and in restoring radiance to your complexion any time of year”.

A great way to incorporate the nourishing, moisturizing benefits of coconut into your skin care routine is to “polish and protect delicate facial skin with MyChelle Tropical Skin Smoother, a VegTimes_1coconut-rich exfoliator also packed with pineapple and açaí.”

Our Tropical Skin Smoother gently exfoliates and retexturizes for a youthfully soft and vibrant complexion. Lush, antioxidant-rich coconut oil moisturizes and protects, while ultra-fine bamboo stem powder and lactic acid release and dissolve dead cell build-up that gives dry skin a flaky, dull appearance. The scrub is also popular for its delicious tropical scent, reminiscent of a beachside getaway.

Have you tried MyChelle’s Tropical Skin Smoother yet? If so, please let us know what you think in the “comments” section below! Also, be sure to pick up the latest copy of Vegetarian Times to read “Go Coconuts” and other great articles sure to help you lead a healthy, green lifestyle!

By Liana Orenstein