AllComboCompleteRegimenFullAs all of you who recently participated in our Earth Day promotion know, we at MyChelle are dedicated to honoring and giving back to Mother Earth. And it is always wonderful to hear from other companies and individuals who share our love for and commitment to the planet.

An editorial recently published on highlights what we do here at MyChelle to help you all get and stay “gorgeously green”. The article includes testimonials from trusted experts in the skin care and wellness industries, Dr. Monica Scheel (a Hawaii-based dermatologist) and holistic wellness coach and nutritionist Ann Gibson.

Vita A Plus Serum copyDr. Scheel loves “‘that MyChelle developed the Vitamin A Plus Serum made from carrots, that’s gentle and yet very effective on the skin… It’s also paraben free and that means a lot to my patients.'”

Gibson adds, “‘From their commitment to products that are healthy and work fabulously, to their commitment to sustainability and a healthy planet, and their commitment to empowering women and girls through their branding and generous giving programs, MyChelle is a pioneering stand for the world I desire to live in!'”

Wow – Thanks, ladies! This is high praise, indeed. You can read the entire article (and see which MyChelle product Gibson recommends “to combat the aging effects of Mother Nature”!) right here.

Of course, we also love to hear back from our readers and followers – so please feel free to drop us a line below! Have you tried our Vitamin A Plus Serum (which accelerates cellular turnover for clear, youthful, even-toned skin) yet? If so, what do you think? Is it one of your favorite MyChelle products, or is there another that you would recommend? As always, you can read more about all of our products over at

By Liana Orenstein