In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we at MyChelle decided to partner with an organization that is doing incredible things for young women battling breast cancer.

The Young Survival Coalition has built a supportive, inspirational community that works to ensure that no woman diagnosed under 40 faces breast cancer alone. They offer everything from a Newly Diagnosed Resource Kit to local workshops to a wealth of information and support on their official website.


In particular, we love the portion of YSC’s website dedicated to Survivor Stories. The quotes from these real women, collected at various stages in their recovery, show a collective strength and beauty that is truly awe-inspiring.

MyChelle is committed to helping girls and women everywhere feel empowered, supported, and beautiful. You can find out more about the charities we partner with at, and be sure to “like” us on Facebook to find out exactly how we will be working with the Young Survival Coalition to help tackle the critical issues unique to young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

We will be making a special announcement soon, so stay tuned!

By Liana Orenstein