If you follow our Facebook page you know that we have been adding the new VISIA Complexion Analysis to Whole Foods Market. I have heard lots of hype about this new technology and I thought….how does this work? What is this piece of equipment going to show me? And of course I asked myself….”Do I really want to see these results?”

Yes, yes and yes. It is a really proactive look at your skin! I can tell you what to do with the results and yes again, you do want to see these results. 

Here is how it works:

You walk into Whole Foods Market (the machine is in select Whole Foods locations, so you will want to make sure it is at your location first!). There is a MyChelle natural beauty advisor onsite*. They will ask you a few pieces of personal information (age for accurate skin care expectations, skin type, and so on). Then you sit down in front of the VISIA. You place your chin on the little holder (just like being at the eye doctor, but you get to keep your eyes closed). With your eyes closed, a few lights move over your face. It is quick and easy. 

You step away from the VISIA and this is where the magic happens. I mean it….magic.

Your results will be uploaded to the computer. This is where I saw my face in a whole new light. Literally.

What the natural beauty advisor did with these results was what truly amazed me. I admit, the results do NOT look “pretty.” That is actually a good thing. The imaging reveals 8 pictures with 8 focuses:

  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Pores
  • UV Spots
  • Brown Spots
  • Red areas
  • Porphyrins


You will receive a score for each of the 8 items. The score is relatively based on your age, gender and skin type and is out of 100.

The natural beauty advisor will go through each of the 8 images with you. She will point out what each means (in plain English!). She will then find out what products you use, give you tips about new products to add to your routine and specific areas to focus on for overall improvement. The advisor will have testers available to use on your skin so you can get a feel (and smell) for what they are like.

You will receive a handout of the recommended products that will improve (or assist you in the continued maintenance of) your skin’s condition. The products that are recommended (and more!) are available for immediate purchase and you will also receive a coupon for a big savings on MyChelle skin products!

I left with 3 areas of focus: UV Spots (38%); Red Areas (43%) and Porphyrins (24%). The score is out of 100. 100 would be perfect skin for your age, gender and skin type. You probably noticed, I need to be more diligent about my sun protection! UV spots are a direct result of not using sun protection. I hope to repair this issue and prevent the spots from returning by using sun protection on a daily basis!

I have some of the recommended products already, but I received tips for when it is best to use them and how to best apply. MyChelle products are very effective, but I did discover that by changing when I use certain products, or by combining more than one, they can become more effective. Example: Vitamin A Plus Serum. I love this serum, but I was using it in the morning. Not for any particular reason, that is just the habit I was in. Turns out the Vitamin A Plus Serum can make you more sensitive to the sun. So use it at night instead of the morning so it can work its magic without the sun interfering!

Having an expert to answer my questions and explain the product (and demonstrate it) was priceless!

I forgot to mention…this service is FREE! It would cost a fortune to have a Dermatologist go over all of this information with you (around $200). And I know that the results would most likely not be naturally based. This, my friend, is a win-win. Great advice, an inside look at your skin, and skin care education, and effective skin care ingredients without any of the toxic chemicals. What are you waiting for?

Your results will vary from mine. The recommended products will differ but I will share mine so you know what I am working on. I am using this VISIA Complexion Analysis as a “before.” I will begin using the specific products recommend by Gwen (she was my Natural Beauty Advisor at the Cherry Creek Whole Foods in Colorado and she was amazing!). I will then do a follow up analysis in the coming months. I will share with you the “after” images so we can see how MyChelle truly works.

I want to add one more piece of information: My texture (92% out of 100%), Pores (88% out of 100% and wrinkles (83% out of 100%) are a testament to my continued usage of MyChelle products for the past 6 years. I truly feel as though I go to the spa on a daily basis. If you are a MyChelle skin care user, you know exactly what I am referring to!

Here are the recommended products for my UV spots, red areas and porphyrins:

I can’t wait to start using these specific products. I am so excited to know what needs to be fixed and repaired on my skin from the inside out. I will be sharing these results with you.

The experience was amazing and I truly hope you will visit your Whole Foods Market when they get the new VISIA Complexion Analysis so you can see these results and truly maximize your skin care efforts. Check out our list of stores here .

If you can’t wait for the VISIA to meet with a skin care expert, I recommend utilizing our Ask our Esthetician program. They can help you understand what works best for your skin type and how to combine your products for the most effective skin care combination. They can do a phone or video consultation!

Have you used the VISIA? Do you use product specifically for repairing something on your skin?

*MyChelle Natural Beauty Advisors are onsite 25 hours per week. Please call your location to see when an expert will be available for you!