“It is so hard to remember my sunscreen!”

Is this you?

So many people over the years keep telling me that they know sun protection is important but they either forget to apply it at all or they don’t reapply it throughout the day.

The sun is the number one cause of aging. Shockingly, roughly 80% of our sun damage occurs in our childhood years. Protect your kids early on and teach them the importance of sun protection. As for all of you adults, here are a few tips and tricks to make this daily task easier:

1. Start by prepping your skin with a healthy morning routine. Cleanse, apply serums, moisturize and protect. Does this feel like a lot? Well, try using the MyChelle Daily Defense Cream SPF 17. This product takes the place of two steps because it is a moisturizer and sun protectant in one. The daily use of a lower SPF sunscreen (15 or higher) has been shown to be more effective in preventing sun damage than the sporadic use of higher SPF protectants – because you’re protecting your skin daily!

2. Most sunscreens recommend reapplying your sunscreen every 2-3 hours. Nonetheless, it has been shown that reapplying sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes after being in the sun is more effective than waiting a few hours. Fact: Most people do not apply the right amount of sunscreen (2oz for the entire body) during the first application – so it is the second application that ensures they are protected.

But who wants to apply a cream sun protection or lotion over her makeup, skin care products or fresh face? Not very many people, and that’s why they don’t reapply regularly. Try using a powder makeup with built-in SPF as your follow up sun protection. We like the Mineral Fusion SPF 30 Brush-On Sun Defense. This Instant, transparent SPF 30 sun protection comes in a convenient, brush-on formula that applies in seconds.

3. Always remember that the peak hours of UVA/UVB rays are between 10am-4pm; be sure to wear protective clothing and seek shade during those key times. If you’re out swimming, hiking, gardening or otherwise enjoying the hot summer day outdoors, then be sure to set a timer on your watch or smartphone to remind you when it’s time to reapply. This will keep you on track for protecting your skin and avoiding those damaging rays. Choose from one of 3 MyChelle Sun Protectants for outdoor coverage right here: http://www.mychelle.com/Sun-Body-Care


While you’re at it, you can also take the MyChelle Sun Protectant Challenge: Apply during your morning routine and reapply throughout the day for 2 weeks. Track your progress and let us know how it goes. Share with us your tips and tricks for making this a healthy habit year-round. The first 25 stories will receive a FREE MyChelle Daily Defense Cream!!

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    Love the spf in the day cream!

  • So excited that Mychelle came out with a daytime facial sunscreen. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon. My Youtube viewers would love to see a review on this product! 🙂