Today’s guest blogger is Paulette Banoza, a MyChelle fan and Esthetician at Efective Skin Care Salon in Canoga Park, California. Read on to learn why she loves our products – and which are her particular favorites!

I am a sole owner and esthetician in my salon.  I love it, of course, because my one employee is the boss!    This allows me to be in charge of and follow through with my clients from their greeting and introduction to their closing consultation.

I specialize in acne treatments (especially teens) and anti aging treatments.  I find these clients are more consistent and loyal.  Even in a pinch, they will not give up their treatments.

clearskinyouthanthology_305x400I started using MyChelle products about 2 years ago.  I ran a special for teen acne facials.  I got a huge response from parents with pre-teens and teens who also did not have acne concerns, just wanted to get them started on a skin care regimen.  I went in search (online) for a specific teen skin care line.  MyChelle had the only dedicated teen skin care line I could find.  I was also very impressed and interested in the vegetarian and natural components of the product line.  It is nice to offer such a specific specialty set of products for my client base.

Living in California, offering natural products is a niche and a long-ongoing trend.  Our traditional sunny and beach reputation has made us the natural capital of the nation!  When you offer a truly natural line of skin care products and services, clients love and want it.  The vegetarian line also targets a specific client (my daughter is a vegetarian.)

We offer a teen acne treatment and home care regimen, both comprised of MyChelle products.  The pumpkin facial is also one of my specialties.  Though I have not had the opportunity to market the new Sensitive skin care line, I am working on an idea to offer it to my customer base.

The pumpkin line is among my favorites and I use the White Cranberry and the Honeydew cleansers consistently in my backbar for the opposite end of the spectrum of skin needs:  i.e. oily skin to mature skin.

My two favorite cleansers are very effective: the White Cranberry Cleanser provides an effective cleanse without the sometimes harsh ingredients of oily skin products, and the Honeydew Cleanser is excellent for hydrating mature skin right from the beginning.

As stated above, the teen skin care line is perfect for my teen clients.  Parents are impressed with the line specifically for their teens and the teens also like the packaging that target them.  My preteens (ages 9 to 12) really like the products and are inclined to promise their moms to use it!

15_WCC_2.1_BottleThe Youth Blemish Control line is, of course, my recommended tip for clients.  I also recommend it to my fellow estheticians because it is a smart business move, not to mention the ability to help teenagers with acne.  Acne is one of the top reasons for teen insecurities.  I love to run specials for this treatment; I always get a huge response.  Parents are very concerned and dedicated to helping their kids; especially with the medical field offering a pill for relief for these guys, parents are searching for a topical solution.

I don’t usually offer any scrubs or masks for home care regimens as I try to encourage them to come back to me for this service, but the Clear Skin Cleanser, Clear Skin Balancing Cream, and Clear Skin Spot Treatment are a must for a teen home care routine.  I also love to recommend the Clear Skin Clarifying Pads to teen boys and girls to keep in their locker or backpacks for a quick after sports activities cleanup.

By Paulette Banoza of the Efective Skin Care Salon in Canoga Park, CA