We are so excited that yesterday launched the beginning of our “Hello Beautiful” Girlfriend Getaway Sweepstakes!

To help celebrate our new theme song–“Hello Beautiful,” written and recorded by the extremely talented and long-time MyChelle fan Alice Peacock–and communicate with our ever-growing online community, we’ve asked everyone on Facebook: What does beauty mean to you? Is it a place, a person, an activity, a state of mind, YOU? Do you most often find beauty in nature, in your relationships, or in something else altogether? When do you feel the most beautiful?

To participate in the sweepstakes, all you need to do is “like” us on Facebook and answer our question–“What does beauty mean to you?”–in the form of a photo and a short (or not-so-short!) description.

We will be accepting submissions until August 10, 2012. And after that date, at the sweepstake’s end, we will be giving away some pretty fantastic prizes: One lucky winner (chosen at random) will receive a spa package for herself and a girlfriend, as well as a year’s supply of MyChelle products (a $2,800 value.) The spa package will be to a local spa in your area and you can bring your girlfriend (or mother or sister or BFF – you get the idea) along for a day of pampering. The spa package alone is valued at $800. We will also be giving out prizes to our second- and third-place winners.

We’ve only been running the sweepstakes for one day, but the submissions we’ve received already have us excited: Facebook fans all across the country have uploaded images that depict their own personal style, photos of their families and friends, and pictures of things in nature and art that inspire them. It truly is incredible.

To help kick off the MyChelle “Hello Beautiful” Girlfriend Spa Package Getaway Sweepstakes, we’d like to share with you all a small sampling of the submissions we’ve received on our very first day! As the sweepstakes goes on, we’ll continue to share–here on our blog, on Facebook, and on a Pinterest board specially designed for the occasion. So, stay tuned–and remember to submit your own beautiful photo if you haven’t already! And we would love to hear your comments on all the BEAUTIFUL entries.

(PS: To read the official rules and regulations of the sweepstakes, click here.)

By Liana Orenstein

From Jessana Palm: My friend snapped this photo on a snowy winter day. It’s a perfect depiction of how happy my horse has makes me and with happiness there is beauty.

From Lori Sobin: My girls are always there for me and each other. With their unique personalities and character traits, they represent what is beautiful to me.

From Janel Myers: Finding that place where you belong…finally.

From Ryan Louise: Picture of me, at a local organic farm! Eating fruits and veggies, taking hikes, & enjoying all of the amazing things that nature has to offer…is what makes me feel beautiful from the inside out! 🙂

From Dierdre Uria: Beauty is my three favorite people surrounding me through life’s amazing moments and chaotic ones. It is the sweet smiles that I get in the morning before the day has even begun, and the warm hugs I get at night where tiny hands try to reach around to my back. It is the unconditional love that my husband shows me, even when I don’t deserve it. Beauty is in the people you see in this picture, not in things.