Introducing a new blog post series, Love It!, where real MyChellians share what they are currently loving…

When asked what she is loving right now, MyChelle‘s Marketing Director, Ramona Roof, was quick to reply, “I am loving this vase of Ranunculus flowers! They remind me of the big tissue paper flowers I would see at the amusement park as a kid.”  

These beauties, also known as Persian buttercups, are both delicate and rustic, with layers and layers of paper- thin petals. They are great for arrangements because they last up to two weeks and come in a variety of colors (from red to sunset orange to white.) Arrange in a vintage vase for an instant centerpiece, or place a few blooms in a glass votive for a pretty pop of color at your desk.

What are you currently loving? Please share with us in the “comments” section below!

By Liana Orenstein