iStock_000017191701XSmall-5cdtWe recently received a question on our Facebook page from a long-time MyChelle user who is now pregnant. She wanted to know if her current regimen was safe to use during her pregnancy, and MyChelle Esthetician Catie Wiggy provided her with a thorough and thoughtful answer.

Now that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we thought it might be a good time to give the following information to everyone in our MyChelle community:

MyChelle is a wonderful, natural, non-toxic line safe to use at any time, but we always recommend you talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you might have. Your doctor will be able to address your concerns and answer your questions the best. We do not list safety use on our packaging because each pregnancy is so unique and we feel it is always best to consult your physician.

UltraHyalronicHydrating serum 1 oz copyLast year alone, we welcomed six new babies to the MyChelle family. While that many MyChelle women were pregnant, we uncovered all of the skin care needs women have while carrying a child. I just had a baby a year ago and found that the Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum kept my skin from drying out. I continued with my normal MyChelle routine throughout my pregnancy and while nursing.

There are a few ingredients you will want to avoid using while pregnant. Those include: Retinoids, Salicylic Acids, Chemical Sun Screens and Benzoyl Peroxide. The MyChelle line does use Retinol (Vitamin A) in our Revitalizing Night Cream, and we also use Willow Bark (which is a natural form of Salicylic Acid) throughout our Oily/Blemish Prone and Youth Blemish Control line.

You can find a full list of ingredients on the MyChelle box for each product. You can also visit to pull up each product and its full list of ingredients. I recommend printing out the products you use and deciding with your doctor whether they are appropriate for you to use while pregnant.”


thumbnail-2Catie Wiggy is Innovative Programs Manager for MyChelle Dermaceuticals. She has been working in the skin care industry for over 10 years as a makeup artist and licensed esthetician. She holds several certifications in esthetics and has hands-on experience with chemical peels, microdermabrasions, acne management and anti-aging treatments.