As the sun sets on summer, we all need to reflect on our skin care programs. Fun summer times spent in salty ocean water, chlorine-filled pools and layers of nighttime insect repellant can lead to dry, irritated skin in dire need of post-summer repair. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite tips and tricks, direct from MyChelle’s VP of Education, Sarah Eggenberger:

1. Overexposure to the elements can lead to alligator skin. The first step to remedy this is to exfoliate the dead skin cells so your moisturizer can penetrate. Once you’ve properly exfoliated you’ll want to incorporate a heavier, nutrient-dense moisturizer to hydrate the skin and make it baby-soft and smooth. Try the Fruit Fiesta Peel to get rid of old dead skin cells, and then use the Supreme Polypeptide Cream with highly active ingredients. Your skin will exude a beautiful glow!



2. Summer also brings uneven dark spots. To ward away those pesky sun spots, use a Brightening System to achieve ideal results. Consistently follow a system and use it twice a day to be most effective; otherwise, you will not achieve the results you are looking for. You need to pull out all the stops to treat hyperpigmentation. And of course, wear SPF–Otherwise, you are taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back if you expose your skin to the sun! Use the Apple Brightening System (which consists of a Cleanser, Serum and Mist) along with the Daily Defense Cream SPF 17.




3. Layers of sunless tanners can leave streaks and uneven color build-up. To fix this, use a body scrub with exfoliating beads and AHA’s. The scrubbing action will remove the self-tanner, while the AHA’s will loosen the tanner on your skin. The dual combination will remove self-tanner so you have a clean pallet to work from. Also combine your self-tanner with moisturizer for streak-free, even coverage. Use the Tropical Skin Smoother on your body for a luxurious and effective body treatment.

… And there you have it: A 3-Step Start to Treating and Repairing Summer Skin!



As the seasons continue to shift and we all stock up on skin care products, we’d love to hear back from all of our beautiful readers. What are your go-to products and tricks for treating and repairing skin post-summer? What do you find yourselves recommending to your girlfriends? We’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest fix for sunburns, sun spots, dry and flaky skin… And we want to hear it from you! Please share with us in the comments below!

By Liana Orenstein