Traveling can certainly take its toll on our skin, causing dehydration, puffiness and even an increase in the aging effect due to stress and time zone changes. In addition, we have to contend with harsh airplane conditions like poor air quality, poor circulation and high pressure (just to mention a few.)

Patricia (Pato) Pol, MyChelle’s East Coast Educator and a Licensed Esthetician, answers the question:  How can you keep your skin glowing and healthy while traveling?

Before traveling, make sure to hydrate your skin. Using the Hydrating Cactus Mask the day before will help greatly! Also, be sure to take these recommended products with you on your travels to help you look your best:

Magnolia Fresh Eyes – This one’s a must-have to give you a fresh look around your eyes! If the eye area looks tired, your whole face looks tired. This will help you increase circulation to decrease puffiness and dark circles.



Fruit Enzyme Mist – The hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties in this product will help you freshen up at any time of day. Just spritz your face to add an instant glow. You can even use it to refresh your makeup!



Hydrating Cactus Mask – A definite must for the first night at your hotel! This hydrating mask is extremely soothing and deeply nourishing. Leave it on your skin for 10 minutes, or sleep with it on for ultimate facial rejuvenation!



Clear Skin Spot Treatment – Travel brings a lot of changes in your daily routine: There’s different water to contend with, foreign detergent in linens, changes in your diet, interrupted sleep patterns, late dinners… Yikes! No wonder your skin may react with a breakout. Using this product will purify pimples and take away the redness and inflammation.


Always, always use your creams and serums to keep your routine healthy and consistent while traveling! Also, to increase circulation on your face, give yourself a little mini massage by lightly tapping on your skin with your fingertips for 15 seconds or so. This quick and easy step can really make a difference!

By Liana Orenstein