original_56b20ea0f0242f410d626293736e6c60By now, it’s probably pretty obvious that we at MyChelle are big fans of natural beauty – whether that comes from the great outdoors, from those around us, or from within ourselves. And among the many kinds of natural beauty out there, we believe that the kind connected to motherhood is something truly special. So, we wanted to do something truly special in honor of Mother’s Day 2013.

Yesterday, on MyChelle’s official Facebook fan page, we launched a sweepstakes to celebrate the unique beauty of motherhood. If you are a fan of MyChelle on Facebook (which, of course, you should be), you can enter to win $500 of MyChelle products – for you, and also for a beautiful mom in your life! This could be your own mother or someone else’s; it doesn’t matter. Just upload a photo and add a few words, saying what makes her a true beauty.

Head over to our Facebook page and click the Sweepstakes tab to get started. Good luck!

By Liana Orenstein