18a.StuffWeLoveCanadian yoga, fitness and lifestyle magazine Sweat Equity has published its first issue of the year – and it’s chock-full of MyChelle!

The January/February 2013 issue features an article by our very own VP of Product Development and Innovation: “Sarah Eggenberger is an influential beauty and lifestyle expert, on-air spokesperson, beauty curator and published author. A veteran in the industry, Sarah has been advising on must-have beauty and lifestyle products for over 15 years and regularly appears on The TODAY Show. She is a highly accomplished product developer for major beauty brands and authored the book ‘Guide to Product Selection’ which educates readers in selecting the best skincare for their needs.”

Sarah’s editorial lists her favorite tips for shopping for beauty and skin care products – namely, where to splurge and where to save your cents. For example: “Splurge on eyeliner, save on lip liner. Cheap eyeliners will tug on delicate skin, causing irritation that ultimately leads to wrinkles. And it’s hard to achieve a straight line with dry eyeliners. Lip liners don’t require such careful application, so you can save on this product.” And: “There are only a handful of approved sunscreen ingredients, so formulating options are limited. Larger corporations purchase a high quantity of the raw materials so they have better bulk pricing, making the end product less expensive.”

That article is not the only place you’ll see MyChelle in Sweat Equity right now, however; the current issue also showcases our Supreme Polypeptide Cream in its “Stuff We Love” section: “Cream of the crop, this nutrient-rich recontouring cream lifts and retexturizes your skin for a more refined, youthful appearance.”

You can read more about our Supreme Polypeptide Cream (as well as other products) at MyChelle.com. If you’ve already tried it, we’d love to know – What do you think? Please share your feedback with us in the “comments” section below!

By Liana Orenstein