Carissa Passerella, the self-proclaimed “makeup artist who tries it all,” recently experienced her first VISIA Skin Analysis – and then took the time to write about it on her blog,!

The Denver-based beauty expert paid a visit to the Tamarac Whole Foods to see “what the damage is (literally)” with her skin – and to find out the right steps to take to remedy the situation. Carissa describes the entire experience as “the most horrifying thing [she’s] ever enjoyed” and encourages her readers to try it for themselves. She says:

“Look, shopping for skincare is confusing – even for me. There’s just so much out there and everyone’s skin is unique, it’s why you’re combing through my blog right now trying to get some sort of help to become less confused about it all. This is so genius, not only do you get someone to answer your questions, but you’re dealing with facts. No guessing, no buying something because your friend likes it, just facts.”

We’re so glad Carissa took advantage of our unique VISIA technology – and we look forward to hearing back from her in a couple of months, as she updates us on her progress!

Click here to read Carissa’s blog post – and please, let us know about your own VISIA experience! Have you received a Skin Analysis yet? If so, what did you think? If you haven’t tried it yet, check out our calendar of upcoming Launch and Reveal events (located on our official website, and also our Facebook page) to find a VISIA near you!

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By Liana Orenstein